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    Via Dinarica

    Via Dinarica – Introducing A Megatrail Through The Balkans So there is this trail, called the Via Dinarica, which is over 1000km long, winding all the way from Albania to Slovenia. It is aptly named for the Dinaric Alps, stretching in a long collection of limestone peaks across the eastern part of the continent. The Via Dinarica trail exists naturally, but the goal is to make it accessible in a way, that you don’t have to be a pro-mountaineer to attempt the trip. The mega trail is being implemented by ATA – the Adventure Tourism Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina with funds from the UNDP and USAID. I’ve seen my fair share…

  • Ultimate Travel Hacks Collection

    Ultimate Travel Hacks Collection

    The Ultimate Travel Hacks Collection Choose the flight that fits your needs best It seems that everyone is obsessed with low-cost airlines and desperately search for the cheapest flight possible. Although this option is perfect for short-distance journeys, there are several things you have to consider before joining the general excitement. First of all, think about your luggage. Most of the low-cost airlines have very strict policies telling you how many bags can you take with and how much can each of it weighs. If the luggage is not one of your points of concern, check the airport you are going to arrive at as it can be located really…

  • Hong Kong Skyline

    Hong Kong Skyline

    The Best Spots To Photograph The Hong Kong Skyline On Top of Victoria Peak Victoria Peak is the mountain rising up above the fancy part of town – Hong Kong Island – and coincidentally offers the best view of Hong Kong from above. To get this famous view, it is best to walk along the road making a circuit around the mountain range, which takes about an hour to complete. If you’re wearing somewhat appropriate shoes that is. On the city side of the trail (the other side only offers views of nothing but lush backcountry forests), there are plenty of great viewpoints from where you can photograph the skyline…

  • River routes

    River routes

    River routes: a wonderful alternative These trips can be an unforgettable experience and an alternative to traveling on a gigantic ship. All river cruises offer smaller ships that are able to travel in more shallow waters, unlike ocean cruises. Here are some of the more popular river routes: Rhine River, Mississippi River, Nile River, and the Yangtze River. Rhine River If you’d like to tour some of Europe’s most famous cities, then cruising the Rhine has several of Europe’s greatest attractions. It flows through six countries, from the Swiss Alps up to the North Sea through the Netherlands. Some of the well-known cities along the Rhine include Basel, Switzerland; Strasbourg, Austria; Cologne,…

  • Early Morning is Ideal for Photographing Reflections

    Photographing Reflections

    Quick Tip: Photographing Reflections I love landscape photography and when there’s water around, I always try to incorporate the reflections if possible. Photographing reflections add an interesting compositional element to the photo and can give it more depth. Seriously, I love it, and here’s how you too can capture those amazing reflections! Photographing Reflections in Water It’s possible to photograph reflections in a whole lot of shiny surfaces, from metal and glass to tiny droplets of morning dew and the vast expanse of the ocean. This article focuses on water though, more specifically on enclosed bodies of water such as ponds and lakes. In my opinion they produce the nicest reflections and are perfect for…

  • Vienna’s Many Castles

    Vienna’s Many Castles

    Palace Chaos – Navigating Vienna’s Many Castles Vienna’s Many Castles. Vienna is full of them. Small ones, big ones, summer palaces, winter palaces, minor castles and the important residences of Habsburg rulers are long gone. In fact, there are apparently 177 palaces and castles in Vienna, all waiting to be discovered. It is probably not the best city to visit if you’re suffering from an architecture overload. If you get a headache from just looking at your Google searches, do not worry, here are the three most important ones: The Hofburg If you thought the 177 palaces were confusing, you are in for another treat at the Hofburg, Vienna’s complex…