• Koktebel nudist beach
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    Koktebel nudist beach

    Koktebel nudist beach Koktebel nudist beach is a strip of length about 700 meters to the east of the town. It is not difficult to find. There are no signs, but going in a certain direction across the public beach, you get to the Koktebel nudist beach. The boundary is the stream width at half a meter. It differs from this part of the public not only bleakness sunbathers but also the fact that there is a lot of tents. People live on the beach for months. Tents are at a distance of 50 meters from the water. Full communion with nature. This is real Naturism. However, more than half…

  • Kibber Monastery
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    Kibber Monastery

    Kibber Monastery, Himachal Pradesh Welcome to Kibber, Himachal Pradesh The small town of Kibber, roughly 80 homes, lies deep in the heart of the Buddhist monastery circuit of Himachal Pradesh. At 14,200 ft, this isn’t a destination for the faint of heart or anyone requiring 1000 thread count sheets for their overnight sleep. The single-lane road connecting Kibber with Kye, and further down, Kaza, stops here. Small villages and the Parang Pass lie beyond this remote settlement, accessed only by foot traffic. This is Inner Line territory, sensitive border land patrolled by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police ITBP; Jammu/Kashmir lies just North of here, and to the East, Tibet/China. Tourists must…

  • Kangra Fort
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    Kangra Fort of Himachal Pradesh

    Exploring Kangra Fort of Himachal Pradesh Strap on your sneakers, grab a bottle of water and prepare for a climb unlike any other fort in Himachal Pradesh. Roughly 20 km from the well-known town of Dharamsala, Kangra Fort lies in the southwest corner of Kangra town, a quiet reminder of a fort that once dominated this region. The impregnable looking fort is perched high atop a steep cliff looking down onto the confluence of the Manjhi and Banganga Rivers, inaccessible from 3 sides. As the oldest fort in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, its fate was sealed not by the many battles it endured or the series of…

  • Dharamshala Tour India
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    Dharamshala Tour India

    Dharamshala Tour India Where is Dharamsala? Dharamshala Tour India: Dharamsala (185 km from Shimla) is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. It lies in the Kangra Valley in the Dhauladharmountains. How will you gain access? Gaggal (13 km) is the nearest airport from the town of Dharamsala. The airport operates regular flights connecting the town to the key destinations of the country. Pathankot is the closest railhead. National Highway no. 1 provides links with Pathankot and Jalandhar and other places of Himachal Pradesh. What magnetises people? Macleodganj The engaging Tibetan settlement in Macleodganj is a huge attraction for travelers and visitors. There are a number of…

  • Saputara
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    Saputara: The Crown of Gujarat

    Saputara: The Crown of Gujarat Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let all your tensions go away. Once you enter the world of nature in Saputara, you are far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, from stress and anxiety that has become an integral part of your life. You will feel secure in the lap of Mother Nature, once you come to this beautiful place of Gujrat, India. As your bus starts climbing the hill, you leave the congestion of cities far behind. Throughout the journey, you will enjoy the company of river Ambika. As the bus crisscrosses over the river, you will enjoy the…

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    32 Best Beaches in Goa

    32 Best Beaches in Goa Famous as the Party Capital of India, Goa is a place of fun and fun and only fun. Filled with shimmering beaches, beach shacks and exotic ranges of wines Goa is a perfect tourist destination that will make your tour filled with all memorable moments. Travelers from not only India but from a different part of the world visit India to savor the exciting aura of the state under Goa Tourism. Listed as one of the smallest Indian states, Goa is the biggest Travel Destination in India. The lively beaches of Goa are the major center of attraction that fascinates everyone. Today in this post we…

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