Chatuchak Market In Bangkok

Chatuchak Market In Bangkok

Bangkok has such a broad spectrum of visitors and this is probably down to the vast amount of enjoyment available here. There is so much to see and do and with such a large range of tourist hotspots and recommended places it can be easy to spend your holiday sightseeing and forget to shop and enjoy some of the more unique local cuisines. If you have a weekend free while in Bangkok then you must consider visiting the Chatuchak Market which is a plethora of delightful scents, sights, colors, notes, and tones. There is so much to try here and it really is possible to spend a full weekend here just trying new delicacies, sampling drinks, and purchasing items.

With a staggering 35 acres of shopping and numerous little lanes filled to the rafters with shops, you will be spoilt for choice here. With around 200,000 visitors to this market every Saturday & Sunday to the 8000 stalls, it is fair to say that the atmosphere is vibrant and exciting. The range of items on offer here is vast, with everything from personalized custom made clothing to fake designer bags to jewelry made from sharks’ teeth! Almost anything you could ever desire can be found here and it is just a case of finding the particular item that you are looking for and then finding it in the style you require.

While wandering around here can be fun it can also take you hours to find where you want to be heading or to find your way back to your accommodation. There are color-coded sections in this market, 27 in fact, and you can find detailed layouts and maps available to show you the different sections, where they are in relation to where you are, and the items that they sell. This can make browsing the market something that can be done with great ease and with the minimal amount of time wasted. Some particular favorite sections of mine include 8 to 9 where you can find baby animals galore and 2 to 4 where you can find wonderful furniture and linens.

While perusing the market if you come across something that will help to complete your life or just make you feel happy then be sure to pick it up as you may not be able to find it if you come back later! Once you have visited a shop you may never see it again in the maze of shops that are here.

Visit Chatuchak Market In Bangkok
Visit Chatuchak Market In Bangkok

Anyone who has been to the Chatuchak market before will know how essential a good bargaining skill can be. If you smell, have a little banter, and generally just be happy in your price negotiating you will find yourself getting a fantastic deal most of the time. Carry cash on your while here as you will find cash machines can be quite scarce and some of them do not always look reliable anyway. You will be sure to find that the moment your cash runs out you will find that must-have item that you cannot locate again and it will probably be available at a truly astonishing price!

If you are all shopped out and looking for somewhere to quench your thirst or suppress your appetite then you will find a vast array of delightful cuisine on offer. Noodle soup is rife here and generally tastes absolutely delicious. On the outskirts of the market, you will find lots of delightful vendors offering amazing cuisine and the choice here is just spectacular. Singha beer is a refreshing drink on offer here and you will find wonderful Thai tapas-style food here where you can enjoy a little of lots of different dishes and have a wonderful feast for just a little money. Catfish is one of the real specialties on offer here and is delicious as it is usually incredibly fresh.

Saturday and Sunday are the days that this market on and it really is possible to spend a full weekend here and find some of the most amazing items you have ever seen! If this has got you interested in visiting flights to Bangkok leave daily from London.

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