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Cheap All Inclusive Holidays

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays

Fearing the exuberant expenses that a holiday vacation would likely cost, people tend to stick to their home town, never going far to those mystical islands and renowned cities that they have been secretly cherishing for. But, this summer, your holiday vacations need not be expensive; there’s space for bargains and the generous resort dealers do also have the knack to offer discount offers, thus making it possible for you (and your family/spouse) to travel to renowned vacation spots, indulging in the luxuries that a noble born or the rich guys are privileged to. All this could be true for just a modest cost that the cheap all inclusive holidays deals are boasting of.

Brief Introduction To The Cheap All Inclusive Holidays :–

The year 2013 greets enthusiastic travelers with exceptional all inclusive cheap packages, costing as low as £65 to as high as £300 and above. For your hungry inspection, we here present you with the top deals for all inclusive cheap holiday vacations (by the way, the Easy Jet holidays and Low Cost Holidays  are considered as the best travel agents when it comes to all inclusive cheap deals):–

Greece Cheap All-Inclusive Vacation Deals:–

  1. a) Hotel Cassandra Bay (at Kriopigi, Greece)

Forget about the ‘wasps trouble” (which is a common sight in all major hotels of this area) and you will love this charming apartment for its ravishing cuisines and the varied entertainments it offers (like the bingo, karaoke nights, barbeque night).

The only other inconveniency that you may experience is its “not so ideal” location, compelling you to take a 10 or 15 minutes hikes for reaching at the Kriopigi village located uphill and the picturesque beach located downhill (more hiking to return to the hotel). Of course, if you rent a car, then this won’t be an issue.

Price:– Cheap vacation packages in Greece tend to cost over £250, and this particular deal at the 5 star Hotel Cassandra Bay is just about £290.

  1. b) Zervas Apartments (at Stoupa, Greece)


Located ideally in the resort area of Stoupa, the Zervas Apartments is a 2 star accommodation facility, with “more than OK” room amenities (the all inclusive cost does not hold for the air conditioning, additional payment per use is required). Anyways, the garden around adds charm to this Greek apartment, and the rooms are simple but stocked well, with the spacious balconies offering scenic views.

Price:–You may have to spend as little as £280 to as high as £310 (yes, that’s “cheap” indeed!) to get an all inclusive holiday package.

Turkey Cheap All Inclusive Vacation Deals

  1. a) Hotel Turquoise (at Olu Deniz, Dalaman)

Residing at a picturesque location of Olu Deniz, the Hotel Turquoise will leave you spellbound with its traditional architectures and the scenic views that it offers. First time visitors have complimented this hotel as a pretty rural village, with the sun terraces providing exquisite mountain views. The rooms are well stocked with the standard equipments, and WiFi facility is also available. The beach is nearly half a kilometer away, as are the nightclubs and tavernas.

Price:–Cheap deals at this 3 star Dalaman hotel can be made up to £260 but it is not unusual to find standard packages costing as much as £300 to £450.

  1. b) Eden Garden Apartments (at Icmeler, Dalaman)
Eden Garden Apartments
Eden Garden Apartments

As the name itself tells, the Eden Garden Apartment is indeed what a paradise would feel like. It has been ranked on the top spot in Icmeler’s resort area, offering exquisite hospitality and cuisines that truly speak of Turkish greatness. The family, who run these apartments, would assure you the most memorable and relaxed vacation ever. And, of did I tell you about the free internet service (quite speedy), acceptance of pets, free parking lot and bar.

Price:– Loveholidays.com has an affordable all inclusive deal of just around £250, while some other travel agents demand around £300.

  1. c) Pineta Club Hotel (at Marmaris, Dalaman)

From the outlook, the hotel seems grand and it is grand indeed, although this 4 star hotel seems to have lost some of its flavor– customers complain of foods and some staffs are claimed to be unfriendly (debatable). Anyways, the rooms are good enough (check the door locks properly, they might be in need of repair), and the entertainment, especially for the kids are fun. Moreover, the beach is just a couple of minutes away with a nearby marine park.

Price:–The hotel is decent enough at the cheap all inclusive price of just around £190 per person.

  1. d) Ozlem 1 Apartments (at Icmeler, Dalaman)

Regarded as the “most affordable” (it’s indecent to say “cheapest”) all inclusive deal of Icmeler resort area. It is only a 3 star hotel, but still offers good amenities, not to mention that the food and lodging are both great as are the two enthusiastic staffs.

Price:–You might be able to get an all inclusive deal of just around £145 pp.

Other Top Deals At Turkey

  • Greenworld Apartment:–Check out Icmeler’s 4 star apartment, the Greenworld Apartment, which vouches of great night life (the disco goes all night long) and impressive lodgings for an all inclusive price deal of around £300. (Another 4 star hotel at the same cost package would be the Gran Aquarium Apartment, located also in Icmeler).
  • Asena Village:–It’s a 3 star Hisaronu hotel complex, with superb accommodation facilities and terrific water sports. The lowest deal that you may bag would be around £280 to £310.
  • Hotel Oykun:– You will have the most relaxed and facilitated vacation lodging at the award winning 3 star hotel Oykun. Run by a family, this hotel has the travel agents quoting an all inclusive package of around £310.
  • Goldcity Tourism Complex:– Lodging at a 5 star hotel is everyone’s desire, and now the cheap all inclusive deals at around £210 make it possible for you to realize your desire, what with that generous accommodations offered at Goldcity Tourism Complex in the port city of Antalya.
  1. Spain Cheap All Inclusive Vacation Deals
  2. a) Hotel Dynastic (at Benidorm, Costa Blanca)

Recognized as a 4 star hotel, the Hotel Dynastic is majestic in almost every manner. Customers here have given a positive review, acclaiming that the rooms are clean, spacious and the dishes served are fabulous (new cuisine every night; English, Spanish and Italian theme dishes). The staffs too are polite, and you will also appreciate the spa, the indoor swimming pool and the gym.

Price:–The all inclusive deals regarding this 4 star hotel at Benidorm will cost you around £150 to as much as £320.

  1. b) HTOP Royal Star (at Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava)

Nestled in a scenic landscape of Costa Brava, the HTOP Royal sits between the Fenals and Lloret De Mar, with quick access to the Girona airport. The all inclusive package only cost around £175 to £200, with decent lodgings and standard amenities (satellite TV, shower, air conditioning, hairdryer, 2 swimming pools, balcony view, gift shop, kids club, pool etc.). You could also access other HTOP hotels’ facilities, and a visit to the Water World Park should not be ignored.


  1. c) Riviera Beachotel (at Benidorm, Costa Blanca)

You will be blown by the architect of the Riviera Beachotel building. And, being a 4 star hotel, it does offer impressive amenities; the only thing that you will complain about is the food (eatable of course, but not as per 4 star hotel’s standard).

Other Top Deals in Spain:

Budget Travel in Spain

  • Gran Hotel Bali– Categorized among the most visited Costa Blanca hotel, Bali offers satisfactory services, for its all inclusive cheap package costing around £180 pp. This 4 star hotel has a towering building, impressive to look at and it’s also quite near to 3 set of scenic beaches where you can relax easily.
  • Magic Crystal Park Hotel–Yet another Costa Blanca hotel, with ideal lodging services for a 3 star, the Magic Crystal Park Hotel is impressive from almost every aspect. You will get to experience a delightful stay for an all inclusive cheap price of around £170 to £230 or as much as £300 (depends upon the travel agent of your choice).
  1. Egypt Cheap All Inclusive Vacation Deals:–
  2. a) Hauza Beach Resort (at Sharm El Sheikh)

Residing on the Nabq Bay, the Hauza Beach Resort falls among the best holiday spot at Sharm El Sheikh’s costal region, attracting tourists with its elegant building site and versatile amenities, appealing both the family and the lone travelers. Guests here will also appreciate the local and international cuisines, and, in terms of entertainment, you will have fun at the beach and the pool, making you believe that Egypt is not all about deserts, year round sun and the pyramids; there’s more!

Price:–Deals as cheap as £110 are being offered, but they are limited and comprise of less amenities. You should rather book for those standard 2013 packages of around £274.

  1. b) Hotel St. Joseph (Nile, Egypt)

Popular for its ideal views of the Nile River, the towering building of Hotel St. Joseph is well stocked with a wide range of facilities to make your stay as comfortable as it could become.

Price:–Cheap packages of £275 have been offered, and if you hurry you may get that deal, or booking might take around £350.


  1. Portugal Cheap All Inclusive Vacation Deals:–
  2. a) Apartments Clube Praia da Oura (at Albufiera, Algarve)

Vacationers staying here at the 4 star “Praia da Oura” have nothing to complain about, for almost all things that you would wish for (like nightclubs, beaches, bars, bus service) are on its doorsteps. And, of course, you will also appreciate the foods truly (try those juicy steaks!), add that to the entertainment amenities and there you have the fabulous vacation that you wished for.

Price:–The cheapest deals can be made at as low as £75 while holiday packages of over £160 is also known to exist.

  1. b) Apartments Colina Da Lapa (at Carvoeiro, Algarve)

In comparison to the 3 Star “Solferias” (offering near identical cost package), the Apartments Colina da Lapa, with its spacious rooms and remote location, seems an outstanding choice for families and couple alike to enjoy a pleasant and laid back holiday. And, did I mention that this is a 4 star hotel?

Price:– Cheap deals for this reputed hotel apartments start from over £100 to as much as £120.

Other Top Deals At Algarve, Portugal:–

  • Hotel Baia Cristal:– It’s a 4 star hotel, located in one of the most scenic costal area of Carvoeiro, with the cheap deals of it costing as little as just £120.
  • Bayside Salgados:–Residing at a fairly comfy distance from the Salgados Beach, the 3 star Bayside Salgados apartments speak of great lodgings for any travelers, and at a mere £70 (cheap all-inclusive deal) this is among the most popular Portugal vacation choice.


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