Chembra Peak Trek

If you are a lover of natural beauty then, the Chembra Peak in Wayanad district is home to such wonderful greeneries and breathtaking views. The highest peak in Wayanad is this peak situated at a height of 2100 m. The Chembra Peak Trek is a perfect trial for adventure lovers and young hearts like you all.  The view from the top of the peak is full magical and you would be speechless to see such beauty of the entire Wayanad from there. The nearby districts such as Nilgiri, Malappuram, and Kozhikode are also visible from here. The peak is the only summit in the area which is available for trekking as other nearby hills are stuffed with dense forests. The heart shape lake is the main attraction of the peak and it is also called as ‘hridayathadakam’.

Reaching Chembra Peak Trek

The peak of Chembra connects Kozhikode and Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu. The Chembra summit can be reached from Mepaddy town which is located within walking distance. Government bus services, as well as private, are available to reach there. By bus, you need to reach Kelpatta first and then from there to Chembra. Wayanad is at a distance of 290 km from the city of Bangalore so it provides a suitable weekend destination for the city people to spend in nature. The nearest railway station is Kozhikode which is 79 km away from the spot and the nearest airport is Calicut International airport at a distance of 92 km from there.

Trekking details

To reach the top of the beautiful Chembra Peak, you need to follow a trekking route. Here is detailed information about the trek. The topmost peak is situated near Chembra Lake which is shaped like a heart. The route passes through the grasslands and dense forests and it is very adventurous to reach the destination. It takes almost two hours to climb the hill and get to the top. Whether alone or with a group you can trek there as there are many guides to make you experience this wonderful adventure. Start your journey at about 7:30 a.m after having some light breakfast. You would not be allowed to reach the summit presently due to some restrictions laid by the Meppady forest department. The point near the lake is regarded as the highest point presently in the trekking journey. You need to carry things required for trekking in hills such as a cap, trekking shoes (good comfortable shoes are recommended as the route is quite steep and tough), comfortable dresses, and obviously water bottles. Always pay attention to what the guide is instructing. Charges for trekking are 500 INR for a grouping of 10 members while it is 1000 INR for the foreigners.

Why Chembra peak for trekking

It is an awesome trekking route, just the one people search for. After trekking for two to three hours when you climb the top, all your tiredness will go away when you immerse yourself into nature’s beauty. The weather and environment seem to be enchanting as the fog and misty clouds come and hug you. The water in the lake would give a refreshing view and you would feel like a flying soul. It is a short trekking route, although a bit difficult but the reward you will get after reaching the height is worth the journey. Camping all overnight is not allowed due to some wildlife threats. Winter is the best season to go there.

Overall, the Chembra Peak Trek is quite challenging, so you must have a daring attitude and a strong will to reach your destination. It is an ideal gateway for adventurous hearts as the trekking route covers intense jungle areas and steep rocky paths. Avoid visiting there is a rainy season as the descending route could be slippery. There is also a waterfall located nearby.  You would just love the entire excursion and the virgin views of nature are really amazing and worth the hard journey. But it is not as hard as you would be afraid. Beginners can also try it as helpful guides are there to make your trip a successful one. Everyone must try this type of trekking at least once in their lifetime.

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