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Child Stop Bedwetting

Child Stop Bedwetting

Child Stop Bedwetting

Child Stop Bedwetting

Child Stop Bedwetting

How to Help Your Child Stop Bedwetting

Is your child wetting the bed? If so, don’t get worried. This is a very common problem that can be solved. How old is your child? If they are 5 or fewer years old—that’s good, his or her bedwetting is completely normal for that age and they should grow out of it over time. If your child is 6 or more years old—that’s also good. He or she is old enough to start a

Common Bedwetting Treatments:

Restricting Fluids. This treatment works for some children, but not most. It’s also risky because your child could get dehydrated which can lead to thirst. I recommend allowing children to continue to drink water after dinner, but not drinks with caffeine or alcohol as these are more likely to lead to bedwetting.

Waking Your Child in the Middle of the Night to Pee. Unfortunately, this treatment does not work for most kids and makes everyone more tired.

Punishment. Bedwetting is not something your child can control. Punishment, no matter how severe, will not stop your child from wetting. Instead, encouragement, love, and kindness are the proper way to help your child overcome this issue. Try giving them a hug occasionally.

Drugs. Drugs such as DDAVP can help children stop wetting the bed, but they are only a short term solution. When the child stops taking the drugs they will start bedwetting again. You should help your child overcome the problem without turning to drugs.

Bedwetting Alarms. These are the most effective treatment. Bedwetting happens because the child’s body doesn’t recognize the feeling of a full bladder. Bedwetting alarms will teach them to respond to this feeling by waking the child up when they start to wet. This process is called conditioning. It will help your child stop wetting permanently and make the whole family happy.


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