Chilkigar Raj Palace

Chilkigar Raj Palace

A trip to Chilkigar Raj Palace – Through my eyes!

Chilkigar Raj Palace is located 1.5 km away from the Kanak Durga temple and located another side of Dulung River. This place is mostly planned after completing the Kanak Durga Mandir. But after visiting this place, most people feel that this is most historically rich place after Kanak Durga temple.

A 30 min tour covers this place mostly. Starting for this place from Kanak Durga temple the main road turning right leads to this Raj Palace. On the way, lush green field and distant jungle are the real eye catchers. Going past the down slope Dulung River is crossed over a rocky bed type bridge. Local tribal people can be seen taking bath in the river and getting sun kissed on the river beds. Herds of cows and other cattle are found bathing while crossing river. It’s beautiful country life – a life that gets easily framed in your mind will took everyone for surprise. The car started ramping up the slope. After crossing the valley, the main entrance of Chilkigar Raj Palace can be reached. It looks more like a historical monument counting its day before getting lost in the oblivion.

On the entrance of the palace ground, one can have 360 views of this place. Chilkigar palace resembles big building displaying its wounds due to the negligence of its authority. A West Bengal government office placard is there pasted on the building facade. But there are no signs of any people around. A big chariot (Lagannath dev rath) was parked inside a hall. In that vast complex, on the left side of the entrance, there stands a beautiful Temple; local people called it Shiva temple.

There is a beautiful temple depicting cultural richness of Jungle Mahal and Puri Jagannath temple standing just opposite to the Shiva temple. This temple is extremely beautiful, and its old architecture on the walls depicts richness of the local culture. But, this is a neglected heritage site. The whole mandir is bounded behind an iron gate. Jungle and bushed are eating its beauty. There is no signboard about this place. On being checked with the localists, it is being informed that it is a Jagannath temple.

The temple and its architectural richness no wonder leaves tourists in awe and amazement but at the same time, its dilapidated condition will fill your heart with grief and sorrow. There are much more stories associated with the Jhargram raj bari. But a person of history and nature will always feel Chilikigar raj palace tour experience much more fulfilling.

Chilkigarh rajbari is purely a natural tourist spot to enjoy an unforgettable time in the lap of nature and history. Entry is free for all.

To enjoy architectural beauty of the Chilkigarh raj palace, just saunter inside the campus and visit the 3 temples inside the campus. In Jhargram raj bari, the Raj bari, accompanied by a quick walk around the garden in front of the palace is all to cherish there.

In my mind Chilkigar Raj Palace will always be a place close to my heart for its breathtaking country side look and feel which mesmerizing a whole lot of tourists who wants to know the rural Bengal in a better way!

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