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Colaba Causeway market

Colaba Causeway market

Colaba Causeway market

Colaba Causeway market

Colaba Causeway market

Colaba Causeway market

Colaba Causeway market- roadside shopping zone in Mumbai

You are in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra for visiting and exploring the famous city of India. Mumbai, the land of celebrities is well known for its aristocratic people and some people from far and near come here to make a career in the world of entertainment. Tourists enjoy the sea beaches, the famous gateway of India and some other exotic destination. However if you want to experience a glimpse of the Mumbai culture specially the culture of outlook wrapped in modern trends then Colaba Causeway Market has brought to you the exact assecceries matching up with the ongoing fashion in the region.

This region is located near the famous gateway of India in Colaba Hormusji road. The lane stands on Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg in Budhwar Park. The area remains crowded with lots of different people bargaining for their favorite materials. Well, this is the market where you would be satisfied with your marketing. You can get the suitable item at a very reasonable rate. From morning till night people stay engaged in exchanging materials. The shopkeepers earn a living and the customers get things in their budget.

Reaching Colaba Causeway market

The closest station to reach the causeway shopping centre is Church gate at a distance of 3.8 km and central railway route at 4.6 km away. You may hire a car to the regal cinema. The market lane is started from this point. Get ready to start your shopping to catch up with the best deals.

The local people call it by Colaba market. People from different regions are seen to spend a hang out in this market. The market is mainly for the ladies and handicrafts, antiques jewelries are found to be the main attraction. Other than shopping, there are cafes and restaurants within the region. So continue your marketing with your stomach filled. You can spend your whole day at this place so just take your time in selecting your items. This is a memory lane for the locals as they have spent many days of their childhood, college life in this particular market with parents, friends and near and dear ones.

Marketing items

Tourists find this place a major destination to shop in the street of Mumbai. Varieties of shopping options are available, starting from elite class markets to street stalls. Items found there are accessories, jewelries, clothes, books, shoes and many other things. Artificial diamonds, precious gems and corals, trendy bracelets car and bike key chains, ladies and kids wear are available in the market in varieties of ranges. Stylish tops, jeans, shorts can be bargained and bought at a satisfactory rate. Attractive slippers and shoes for both the females and males are found.

Foreigners are attracted towards the glittering Indian fashion bangles. Yes, this Causeway market is known for its bargain and buys with cheap rates. The shopkeepers earn a livelihood from here. So keep your rates reasonable so that both sides are happy. Keep buying and return your home with a smiling face. The Colaba Causeway Market is really a heaven of Mumbai that specializes in making you happy and never return empty handed.

Now let us come to book shops. It is a paradise for the book lovers as you can find any books of your favorite author. Second hand, brand new, whatever be the choice, all is available. Starting from old romantic to subject of finance, you can find all you want. Take your time in selecting the book you exactly want, nobody would disturb you.

Well known restaurants at Colaba Causeway

Shopping and marketing means searching for the preferred materials in different shops and then finalize it which needs extra energy and stamina. The following nearby eateries are proper eateries where you fulfill your appetite and keep on going with your shopping without getting tired.

It is necessary to know the exact location of the market as many tourists get it confused with the Colaba markets which is a fruits and vegetable market. Make sure you reach the correct place. There are some nearby hang out destinations such as elephant caves, Shivaji museum, Nariman point and Charni road that you can go after or before shopping.

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