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Common travel scams

Common travel scams

Common travel scams

Common travel scams

Common travel scams

Common travel scams

Common travel scams- you need to know

Travelling far and wide in one’s own country or another country has become easier due to the availability of many travel websites and agents. Before getting off for any far off places you need to acquire enough knowledge of the place you are going. Travelling is fun but on the other side you may fall victims of unknown incidents if you do not stay aware of it. So here are some useful points on common travel scams all through the globe.

Cab scam is a Common travel scams

As we are new to the place we are arriving, local transport cabs may ridiculously overcharge you. While you may not come to know that you have been charged much more than the original fair. So better you keep yourself alert on such scamming. And moreover there is another trick known to the drivers to overcharge you. They may say that the meter of the cab is not working after you get in the car. So before you start the journey by car make sure that the meter is in good condition and working properly so that you are not cheated.

Free offerings

There are some people who may come to chat with you in a friendly manner and then ask you to try the products they are selling. After you try they will charge for it. This scam may happen mostly to females. Never allow anybody to put anything to your body and make yourself tough and ignore accepting anything for free. Another most common scam happening in these days are that when you are passing by any shopping malls some salesman or salesgirl selling perfumes may offer you to smell a hanky which is a sort of drug. Never smell that.

Pressure on shopping

There are places in India where the cab drivers are internal linked with the shopkeepers. When you ask him to stop before any shop or marketing then they may say that these shops are less reasonable and would take you to different attraction where you will be bound to buy. It is very common scam that happens mostly in hilly areas.

Fake ATM helper – Common travel scams

It is rare but scams happen all off a sudden so better to stay alert. Fake people work in groups to make their mission successful. If you are using the ATM and somebody from behind advices you to do it as they say, in case the machine is not working. Do not care what they say, cover the portion with your other hand while typing the pin. If the machine is not working just walk away and try another.

Street beggars – Common travel scams

It is common travel scam that at every railway station and street footpath beggars are seen, most of them are child or poor women carrying child. It is because you can never say no to these people. Actually there are thieves around to watch where you keep your purse of moneybag after giving them pennies. Better not to give them money, instead buy them food or clothing.

Offers for shooting photos

You are on your spot destination and want somebody to get captured family photographs together or couple pictures. Is not it? But be sure that you don’t give your camera to anybody who came alone or looks suspect able. This type of incidents has happened in many places. While you give your camera to shoot pictures for you and get busy in preparing for poses, the man vanishes away taking your camera. So it is safe to give your camera to any nearby tourists for capturing your images. Or else selfie sticks are there. Lol.

These types of scams are very common in Indian religious places. The local priests offer blessings by giving a ‘tika’ on your forehead and instead ask money for it. They never say it beforehand. Moreover there are sadhus in temples who demand money for worshiping the lord on your behalf. If you do not want to pay, they would curse you. Try to avoid them or pay only that amount that was initially discussed with them.

All these are possible scams that may happen if you are careless about it. So keep your senses active and take actions very intelligently. Try to save yourself from falling victims of such scams.

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