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Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park

Where is the Corbett National Park?

The Corbett National Park is located in the state of Uttaranchal in the northern part of India. It lies in the foothills of the Himalayas, attracting a countless number of tourists, travelers, and nature enthusiasts. It is at a distance of 115 km from Nainital.

What is it famous for?

The Corbett National Park is famous for its wild population of tigers, leopards, elephants, and large cats. Established in the year 1936, it is India’s first national park and the first sanctuary to come under the Project Tiger.

What are the activities in the store? How will you gain access?

The nearest airport lies at Phoolbagh, Pantnagar, at a distance of 50 km. Delhi, at a distance of 300 km, is the closest International airport. Ramnagar is located on the broad gauge track from where there are bus services available to reach the park. From Nainital and Ranikhet, there are buses available to get to Ramnagar.

What is the best time?

The best time to visit the Corbett National Park is between the months of November and June.  During this period, the monsoons flood the riverbed, cutting the fragile road links.

Safaris – Corbett National Park

elephant safari
elephant safari

The chief safaris of the region are elephant safari and jeep safari. To explore and enjoy are the amazing wildlife and the rich varieties of flora. Riding an elephant, It’s truly awesome to watch the wildlife at close quarters. You can also choose to go on a jeep safari which is no less promising and adventuresome.

Bird Watching 

Bird Watching
Bird Watching

The Corbett National Park boasts of around 600 species of birds including the migratory birds as well. It gives an excellent opportunity to watch and enjoy its numerous species of birds.

What constitutes the flora, fauna, and avifauna?
» Nature Walk

To get up close and personal with the excellent wildlife of the region, you can also opt for a walk. It’s simply breathtaking either you walk through a nature reserve or ramble through the untouched wild zones.

The Corbett National Park is not only famous for its wildlife but also for its exotic population of flora. It is one of the most verdant national parks in the country. The important flora of the region includes Sal (Shorea robusta), Sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo), Kanju (Holopteleaintegrifloia), Ber (Zizyphusmauritians), Dhak (Buteamonosperma) and Bael (Aeglemarmelos).

Apart from being famous for its tigers, the park has a good number of elephants, leopards, deer, wild boars, leopard cats, jungle cats, and fishing cats. Sloth bear can be found in the lower regions of the park, while a black bear is seen in the higher hilly areas. Other animal inmates of the park include wild dog, jackal, palm civet, Indian grey mongoose, common otter, hare, porcupine, goat antelopes, Langur, and rhesus monkeys.

The Corbett National Park is also very rich in its avian population. The Zoological Survey of India has recorded over 585 species of native and migratory birds here.

What is the other attraction?



The town of Ramnagar is set amidst the dense forests in the Terai region. It is popular as a fishing camp in the Corbett National Park. It’s a must-visit spot for tourists and travellers.


15 km from the river Kosi, is the place called Lohachaur. Here, sports enthusiasts have a wide scope of angling and fishing. A fishing trip can also be booked.

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