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Corjuem Fort

Corjuem Fort

Corjuem Fort

Corjuem Fort

Corjuem Fort

Corjuem Fort, a historical spot in Goa

It was the era of Portuguese India, when the Corjuem Fort was built in the village of Aldona. It stands on the Corjuem Island in Goa. Although the fort is small in size than other forts, it is in such a location from where the surrounding area is viewed at a good length. Built by Caetano de Melo e Castro, it got abandoned in the year 1894. The fort is located at a distance of 12 km from the state capital, Panjim.

Legend behind

The fort was previously occupied by the Desai’s of Sankahali, but then it was handed to the Marathas. Gradually,the fort was brought under the administration of Portuguese India. It was then re constructed and the reason was to make the defense system stronger along the state.  In the early days of 18th century, the fort used to provide security to the Corjuem town and was amilitary school with a chapel too. This fort has an interesting story historically.The military ground being the land of only men, created a curiosity in a Portuguese woman whose name was Ursula e Lancastre. She then disguised her self as man and entered there but unlucky got caught and was captured later on. But then the Caption of the military group was impressed with her daring attitude and in spite of taking harsh action, married her.

About Corjuem Fort

Located in the Bardez Taluka in Northern Goa, it is actually a small island fortress which got constructed in the year 1705. It is square in shape and is featured with many murder holes and gun ports. There are ramparts which can be reached through the ramp like stairs that stands on the corners of the fortress. The fort was basically built by Portuguese to protect themselves from the Bhonsles, Rana Rajputs and Marathas during 19th century. The beauty and historical importance has made the fort popular to the tourists. The beautiful islands and villages can be fully viewed from this fort. Pitted lateritic stones have been used to build it. Lush greeneries surround the fort which looks awesome. Visitors are attracted towards the fort due to a cable suspension bridge that connects Corjuem and Aldona. This is a major factor that attracts tourist towards Corjuem as it is one and only such bridge in the whole state.

In present days the condition of the fort is not so good due to weathering and few parts of the fort is ruined.But still it is in better condition and offers a significant spot for the tourists. Being on top of the hill, it offers stunning view of the countryside.The visit to Aldona is incomplete without visiting the Corjuem Fort. The place could have a wonderful historical destination if the Goa tourism department had taken care of it. People visited there have a good review about the place. Although the place is not well maintained but the structure looks ancient and the entrance could not be seen properly. It is a secluded place near Mapusa River, and make sure to visit the cable suspension bridge while you are there.

Useful information

The fort is available to public on every days of the week from 6 in the morning till 7 in the evening. Visiting in the cool moments of the days, that is morning and evening hours are the suitable time to visit there rather visiting in the hot afternoon. And in the winter season you can go there at any time of the day. A drive from Panjim to Aldona via Mapusa would take you to this secluded place away from the city life. Alternatively the fort can be reached on ferry from Panjim to Chodan and from there Corjuem is nearby. Other nearby attractions apart from the Aldona cable bridge is the Aldona village and Corjuem Island.

The Corjuem Fort is a fantastic option to have an experience of the Portuguese reign although the place is in ruins. Historically the place is wonderful and provides a natural view of the surroundings in a far better way than other forts. There are only two islands that are still surviving and this one is one of them.

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