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Daringbadi hill station

Daringbadi hill station

Tourism at Daringbadi Hill Station

Daringbadi hill station is situated at an altitude of 3000ft; Daringbadi is decorated with pine trees, verdant valleys and coffee plantations. This place is also famous for the production of its superior quality turmeric. Daringbadi is a beautiful destination surrounded by dense forest areas with wild animals and is a popular resort for any season. A British officer named Dering, during the British rule founded this place and named it after himself. More than 50% of the population constitute aboriginal tribal races. Daringbadi is a rare destination and is still unknown to many, but the beauty it flaunts will leave your surprised.

Daringbadi is the only place in Odisha that experiences snowfall and minus degree temperature in winter. Located 251km from the capital city of Bhubaneswar, Daringabdi will offer a splendid scenic beauty and a memorable short stay.

Places to Visit Daringbadi hill station

Doluri River

Doluri River

The Doluri River criss-crosses the Daringbadi hill station and add a perfect flair to this destination.

Coffee and Black Pepper Plantation

Coffee and Black Pepper Plantation

The forest department and soil conservation led to the development of the coffee and black pepper plantations and are worth every penny to travel it around. These locations serve as the ideal picnic spots for the tourists to rejoice.

Hill View Point

The point to view the exotic beauty of nature is right here in this point. The surrounding magnificent hills and valleys are worth watching silently in serenity and deserve admiration.

Rushikulya River

This gorgeous river flowing in zigzag has originated from the slopes of Daringbadi and is a popular sightseeing spot.

Putudi Waterfalls

Putudi Waterfalls

This is one of the most prominent waterfalls of Odisha and it merges into river Bada Saluki. The surrounding area is outlined with thick forest and is a must visit a place of Darinbadi hill station.

Belghar Sanctuary

This sanctuary is located at 50km away from Daringbadi and includes both forest and cultivated areas. The tribe named “DogriaKhond” occupies this place.

Kotagarh Sanctuary

Kotagarh Sanctuary

This sanctuary unlike the previous one carries the wilderness factor. Along with the rich avian life, this place also consists of tigers, elephants, nilgai, sambar, barking deer, gaurs, wild boars and much more and will infuse a sense of thrill and adventure. A perfect treat for nature lovers and animal enthusiasts!

Daringbadi is blessed with immense natural beauty and diverse floras and faunas. Take a break from your mundane life and escape into the charm of nature.

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  • i love this place

  • The place is awesome during November and December. I have not tried the summer months there yet. But willing to go next month.


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