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Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park

Recently discovered in the 19th century Dartmoor National Park occupies essence of history and archaeology. The place is unique and much different from all other national parks. Located in southwest England this vast moorland is in the country of Devon. This area has covered 400 square miles of UK and specialises in natural beauty. Wetlands and rock formation called “tors” are quite common here accompanied by forests and rivers.

Wildlife in Dartmoor National Park

Wildlife is rarely seen here however Dartmoor ponies are seen in most of the areas. Other wildlife found here are rabbits, foxes, badgers, deer, and grey squirrels. Ancient woodlands, standing stones, stream, clapper bridges, bustling towns and villages created the landscape of Dartmoor. This place is especially for those animals who can withstand the harsh conditions. Heath and farmlands are very common here.

Things to do in Dartmoor National Park 

This distinctive area has so many things to see and do, but to experience Dartmoor; you have to get out and see what it has in its store for you. The Dartmoor National Park can be easily reached by car, although there is another option such as bus if you are interested to see a particular village. Basically there is little public transport available to the moors. Walking, cycling, riding, caning and even fishing are the enjoyable activities in Dartmoor to soak up its very exceptional atmosphere. Another Dartmoor outdoor activity that has gained popularity with families is letterboxing. You can explore more about this special activity at Princetown, High Moorland Visitor Centre.

Where to visit

Wandering around Haytor Quarry

Haytor is few miles away from the town of Bovet Tracey along the edge of Moor. Every year it attracts visitors from far off places because of its beauty among all the Dartmoor tors. There lies a hidden lake at the base of the granite outcrop. Here you can observe all the wildlife and enjoy a wonderful moment filled with tranquillity.

Clapper Bridge

The small clapper bridge at the middle of Dartmoor has created a passage across the river for thousands of years. Your journey to Dartmoor is never complete without visiting and walking through this ancient middle age historical attraction.

Venford falls

Nearer to Venford reservoir, this magical falls is a little gateway to woodland. It is perfect to visit the mystical falls in the summer months or dry season. Charming in itself the Venford reservoir could also be visited to have an awesome feeling.

A trip to Grimspound

 This Neolithic community of Grimspound is located on one of the highest points of the moor. This discarded settlement was home to hundreds of people and their cattle once upon a time. Now, it is tough to visualize how people used to reside in such a barren landscape.

Prison museum

In Princetown, this prison is still active and is high on expanses. Here you can get knowledge about the life in prison and how people used to spend their lives through ages. This prison was built by the American prisoners of Wars and Napoleonic and came into action from the year 1809.

Meldon reservoir

This impressive reservoir is situated at a height of 900 feet above sea level. Activities you can do here are wondering around the lake, enjoy the beauty of this wonderful body of water and snap memorable pictures. It is really one of the best places to explore in Dartmoor National Park those who are interested in photography and hiking.

Other important information

Cafe: Primerose tea rooms in Lustleigh, Newtown Abbot offers you homemade cake and hot drinks after you feel exhausted all through the journey. Other than these Taylors in Ashburton and Ullacombe in Haytor are perfect places to stop off for a break and shop.

Home Stay: Hamaldown Hideaway and Hay Tor cottage located in Widecombe are best places to stay nearer to Moorland.

The two major ways that would offer you breathtaking scenario is the Dartmoor Way and the Two Moors. Other than amazing scenarios, Dartmoor has many other layers to explore such as the incredible archaeology and zoology, the gift of mining, folklores and its wildlife. The granite railway at Hay Tor and Widecombe in the moor is a must visit for astonishing delights.

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