Dawki – An Unexplored Destination in Meghalaya


Dawki – An Unexplored Destination in Meghalaya

The grandeur of surrounding Jaintia Hills is markedly visible here from Dawki which will leave a long-lasting impression on your mind as well as in your travel diaries. Don’t forget to venture into the crystal clear water of Umngot River which is the lifeline of this destination. Embrace this water body with open arms, for this is the best of the hugs you’ll be taking home with you. Take a good look at the magnificent bridge overlying the river which stands tall since the British era. Away from the chaos of the city, the serenity of Dawki will enchant you with its spell-like never before.

How to reach Dawki:

By Road: Dawki is about 90 km from Shillong which can be covered by traveling in local buses. Keep a close watch on the pathway leading to your destination next. It won’t fail to mesmerize you. In case you are in Cherrapunji, the drive route to Dawki spans about two and a half hours i.e. 85 km of travel.

By Air: The nearest airport is present at Guwahati from where you can take a cab or a bus to reach Dawki. The path from Guwahati to Dawki is 176 km long which would take a five-hour road trip.

By Train: Just as the nearest airport, the nearest railway station is situated at Guwahati. You have to catch up public or private buses to reach your desired location i.e. Dawki.

Best time to visit Dawki:

Spring season would be the best time to visit Dawki and even summers as a matter of fact. If you plan to visit during the winters, just carry some woolens with you. Even though the weather remains pleasant throughout the year, the rainy season makes the atmosphere a bit hazy and the surroundings are partially visible. Preferably it would be the best during the onset of spring.

Places to stay at Dawki:

Accommodation wouldn’t be much of a problem here due to the presence of homestays. Though these are often full during the peak season and it is advisable to book them in advance. If you’re not able to fetch a place nearby then camping around the area is also a good option. Hotels can also be availed in Shillong if you’re planning a one-day return trip to Dawki.

Special attractions of Dawki Village:

umngot river dawki
umngot river dawki

Boating on the pristine waters of the Umngot River is something you should not miss. It is such an alluring experience which you won’t be able to comprehend in words. The whole feeling of it is totally amazing. Walkthrough the historic bridge built by the British over the river which is no less than an architectural marvel.

Do you have a knack for adventure sports and love to involve in thrilling activities? You won’t be disappointed at Dawki where numerous opportunities await you to fulfill your desire for exciting stuff. There are kayaking and scuba diving which are the most popular activities here. It does not end here as you can also undertake snorkeling, cliff jumping, or zip-lining for your next endeavor. At the end of the day, set up a camp for yourselves and top it up with a barbecue in the bonfire-lit surroundings.

Another fascinating feature which you’ll witness in Dawki is the simplicity of crossing the border from one side to another. There is no physical fence that separates the two countries as a result of which the residents on either side cross over and carry out various activities. What will attract you is the harmony with which they live here.

So what are you waiting for!? Pack your bags, fasten your shoelaces and come to Dawki to undertake the trip of a lifetime with your family. 🙂

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