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Denver attractions you must not miss

Denver attractions

Denver attractions you must not miss

Denver is the capital of U.S. state of Colorado. It is also known as the “mile high city” which lies at the junction of Cherry creek with South Platte River at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Denver has been very popular for many years as a good base for trips into the Rockies. It is also an important industrial centre and a major destination for business travel. The major Denver attractions which you can visit are:

Mount Evans

The highest mountain road runs steeply up past the beautifully situated Echo Lake from Idaho springs, to the alpine pastures on Mount Evans which is 4348 m high. You will get panoramic views from the summit over the mountains and the valley below. You can also see a number of wild lives like mountain goats, marmots and bighorn sheep. The mountain road is a seasonal road and is usually close during the winter season.

Museum of Nature and Science

The museum of Nature and Science is located in the southeast of City Park. The imposing dinosaur skeletons, collection of minerals, remains of Ice Age animals and the largest nugget of gold can be seen in this exhibition. There are also a fair number of artefacts of prehistoric Indian peoples.

Denver Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Garden of Denver was first introduced in 1950s, is one of the largest botanical gardens in the United States which occupies 23 acres next to Cheesman Park. This garden highlights a lot of native plants. There are 43 distinct gardens which lay out in natural landscapes. Some of these include Marnie’s Pavilion with orchids, ferns and waterfall, Japanese Garden and the Boettcher Memorial. This Botanical Garden in Denver also hosts a number of special events all over the year including concerts.

Denver Art Museum

The fortress-like Denver Art Museum is massive and they have a vast collection of African, American, Indian, European, Asian and Oceanic Art. Collections also include pre Columbian as well as Spanish works. The impressive remodelled American Indian galleries are beautiful and they cover a broad range of cultures and tribes from Canada and United States. This extensive collection is very much well known with 2000 years of history. There is also a gallery which is dedicated to photography only.

Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo has adapted different species from polar bears to monkeys .The zoo has committed for a long term plan to replace and modernize exhibits.  The zoo started in the late 1800s. Some of the new exhibits include Primate Panorama, Predator Ridge and Tropical Discovery. It is one of the most popular attractions in Denver.

United States Mint

One of the United States’ six facilities is locate just beyond the city. This is the place where country’s gold reserve is stored and also where American currency is made. Visitors can get a free guided tour here to learn the history and process of money making.

By the 1880s a lot of number of people was settling in this town and by the turn of 20th century it had a population of 134,000. Denver has developed into important industrial centre and traffic hub. From scenic beauty of rugged mountains to fluent city life Denver has become a very popular tourist place. The city never sleeps and it will not let you sleep also.


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