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Destination near Kolkata You Must Visit

Travelled Destination near Kolkata You Must Visit

Travelled Destination near Kolkata You Must Visit

Every year, many travelers flock into Kolkata from different places round the world. It’s not about the Kolkata having unrequited love for this place but avid travelers know why Kolkata is such a lovable place. There are countless popular destinations in and around that might take some ages to cover but always comfortable travelling with car rental service in Kolkata.

Take a look at some amazing weekend destinations very less travelled near Kolkata.

Sonajhuri Forest:

Sonajhuri Forest - Destination near Kolkata You Must Visit

When you’re tired of braving the crowd and traffic and you need some rest amidst raw nature, Sonajhuri Forest is the place to go. This forest lies little ahead of Shantiniketan and is a little offbeat tourist destination in ,Kolkata. The mixture of rustic village roads, lush green forest and flowing Kopai River make Sonajhuri a sight to behold. Once you’re here, you will feel you’re very far from concrete jungle which is actually not. And on top of that, you will also have the opportunity to be a part of local culture and art.


Duarsini - Destination near Kolkata You Must Visit

Do you want your soul to place in the serene lap of Mother Nature? Duarsini serves it right. It’s just 14 Kilometers from Burdwan, the bucolic village has its own charms. Traverse through the cool dark Shal, Shimul forest along with flowing Satgurang River. Here also, you will have the chance to get immersed with the tribal culture and ambience created with pulsating sound of Madal(a tribal drum).

Parmadan Deer Forest:

Parmadan Deer Forest

Also known as Bibhutibhusan Wildlife Sanctuary. The lush green forest is a home of various birds and diverse kinds of flora and fauna and obviously charming deer which can be seen in every now and then. Located in North 24 Parganas, it’s an ideal place for a day out for picnic. With Ichamati River flowing by the side of the forest, sets the perfect mood for rejoicing with beloved ones being away from everyday hustle and bustle.


Maithan- Destination near Kolkata You Must Visit


This place has developed around Maithon Dam and located in Dhanbad district. There is a tranquil view impart from the clear water releasing from the dam. This place also offers hilly areas around covering pristine water body with a beautifully shaped island. You can enjoy boating around the island while witnessing mind-blowing view of sunset.

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