Digest Food

Digest Food

Top 5 Easy to Digest Food

Digest Food: People with digestion problems are usually always looking for food that won’t burden their stomachs. The same goes for older people because the efficiency of digestion tends to decrease significantly with age. So, if you are currently having trouble digesting your food, then you might want to make changes in your diet, too.

In this article, you will find the top 5 easy to digest foods that will go easy on your digestive system and help with common problems, like indigestion, heartburn, and other common health problems. Here they are:

  1. Bananas

    Bananas - Digest Food

    A lot of doctors recommend patients to eat more bananas when they have a virus in their bodies because bananas have enzymes in them that can help significantly with digestion. In fact, bananas are probably the best foods to ease your digestive system. The best part is that it is full of potassium, as well, so it is also very good for your health. Bananas can also be given to babies, toddlers, and children in order to aid with their digestion when they are suffering from an upset stomach.

  2. Chicken


A lot of people who suffer from IBS choose to eat chicken in place of other easy to digest foods. In general, chicken is one of the top easy to digest foods because it is low in saturated fats. It would be even better if you eat it without the bones and the skin and only eat the breast. You can also mix it with chicken broth or boil it to have its enzymes soothe your upset stomach if you want.

  • Gelatin

  • Gelatin - Digest Food

    Gelatin can also be given to younger children if they have issues with intestinal health, but it also works on adults who have intestinal problems. This is because gelatin can actually soothe an upset stomach and the digestive system due to the fact that it doesn’t have any carbohydrates, fats, or oils in it.

  • Green Leafy Vegetables

    Green Leafy Vegetables

    When cooked right, green leafy vegetables like cabbages, are very easy to digest. Aside from that, these vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins and won’t slow down your digestion the way high-fat foods would. Plus, they can clean out foods that don’t digest well, too. The best part is that green leafy vegetables can also help with weight loss – provided you eat enough of them and avoid eating fast food and junk food, that is.

  • Rice

  • Rice - Digest Food

    Rice is one of the top easy to digest foods because it consists of simple carbohydrates and grains, which can help people digest their food more easily. In fact, doctors usually advise people to add more rice into their diets in order to benefit from better digestion and to stimulate their digestive processes at the same time.

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