Diu Itinerary

Diu Itinerary: Diu What To See, What To Do

Diu is one of the less explored islands in India. Located near Gujarat, Diu is a small island which has heavy Portuguese influence. Dotted by small but pristine islands, Diu is kind of a mini Goa! Since the island is so unexplored, there are very less tourists here and one can also take time to leisurely explore the entire island. Here’s the 3 day Diu itinerary!

How To reach- Diu itinerary

The easiest way to reach Diu is by flight. Diu has its own airport, but it’s not operational all times of the week and the flights are expensive as well.

If you want to save some money, then a great option is to go to Ahmedabad by flight (this only costed us a meagre Rs 1700!) and then take a direct train to Veraval (7-8 hour long journey), which is the last connecting railway point to Diu. From here it’s a 90 km drive to Diu which took us about 2 hours. 

You can also reach Diu by road. Buses run from Porbandar, Junagadh and Veraval. Therefore, in order to reach Diu via bus, you would have to first reach any one of these destinations.

What to Do in Diu – A 3 day Diu Itinerary

Since we had taken a flight to Ahmedabad and then a train to Veraval (which is an overnight train)  we reached Diu around 10 the next morning. Very tired from our long journeys, we took some rest and then had some breakfast. As soon as we entered Diu, you will see a massive change from Gujarat. There’s a cool coastal vibe here, with palm and coconut trees lining the horizon. The roads are super clean (loved that about this place!), there’s hardly any pollution and there were very less tourists as well. So, if you love going to offbeat places, then Diu will take your heart away! It sure did ours.

Day 1: See the Diu Fort

Diu Fort

We couldn’t wait to explore this tiny little island. So on the first day of our Diu itinerary, in the afternoon we set out. Even though we had gone in February the sun was pretty harsh and it was hot. There’s very less public transport available here, so we just decided to walk till we found an auto till the fort. Luckily, we found one after a while.

The Diu Fort is huge and magnificent. Build by the Portuguese during their colonial rule it is located on the west coast of the India.The fort- cum – castle, is known as ‘Praça de Diu’ in Portuguese. It is situated on the southern tip of Gujarat and is at the mouth of the Gulf of Khambhat. The fort is colossal and it will take you about an hour to just walk around the entire place. You will have a commanding view of the sea and you can even see a lighthouse near the fort. From here, you could imagine the Portuguese trying to keep a look out and defending anyone who tries to come near the fort, as the view of the entire sea is great from here. There are many cannonballs as well.

After exploring the fort, you can also explore the Gangeshwar Mahadev temple. It is situated 3 km way from Diu and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It 5 Shivalingas that were supposedly laid by the Pandavas during their exile period. 

FunFact: An interesting point to note is that all the tourist places in Diu don’t have any entry fee!

Day 2: Explore INS Khukri Memorial and Naida Caves

Naida Caves

The second day of our Diu itinerary, we decided to rent bikes. Since there are less means of public transportation here, you will see most of the locals riding bikes to commute. There are a lot of shops near the Diu Fort from where you can rent bikes. Just call them and they will rent out bikes to you for Rs 450/ day. This was very convenient, as we realised that all of Diu can be easily explored by bikes. Plus the weather was just perfect for riding bikes too!

We wanted to explore the amazing Naida caves. Once you will see photos of this amazing masterpiece created by the Portuguese, you will be astounded. The caves are located just outside the Diu fort and feature a big network of tunnels that are a total maze. There are apparently around 30 tunnels which you can explore. It is believed that the Portuguese extracted building materials from these caves which resulted in such a magnificent structure. It is also studied that the caves were formed over timed due to geological processes. We tried to explore as much of the caves as well could, but it’s such a maze inside that one feels scared to stray very far! As there are hardly any people here.

Next we went to explore INS Khukri memorial, which is just 1 km away from the caves. This is the memorial site of an Indian Naval Ship that sank during the Indo-Pak War of 1971. You will see various parts of the ship that are still kept here. They are renovated and made into benches. There’s a great view of the sea from up here as well! Don’t miss the giant sea-shell structure that’s made here too!

Day 3- Explore St. Paul Church, Museum and the beaches

St. Paul Church

It was the third day and somehow we still hadn’t explored the beaches of Diu! So, that day we went to see the lovely Nagao beach in the evening. And in the morning we visited St. Paul Church, Diu Museum and the sea-shell museum as well.

In the morning, we again took our bikes and went to explore one of the three churches of Diu, St. Paul Church. This Church is considered one of the best examples of the baroque style architecture in Diu. This Church was built in 1610 and has a Portuguese influence.The interior of the church is decorated with intricately carved woodwork that is considered one of the most elaborate in any Portuguese church in India.

Next, we went to see the Diu Museum which was just beside the Church. This is a famous spot in town that has been converted to a museum, earlier it was a church as well. Now it houses various  stone inscriptions of ancient rulers, antique statues, multi-colored fountains, wood carvings and idols showcasing the rich past of the region.  If you want you can also explore the sea shell museum which is truly one of a kind! Though, we did not get the time to explore it. t houses collections of Captain Fulbari, a sailor, who during his voyages collected many unique, pretty and amazing shells.

In the evening, we explored the amazing Nagao beach. It’s slightly away from the city, but the bike ride till there was so amazing. Beautiful roads lined with palm trees and the sea following you. The beach is also pretty clean and you can relax here for pretty long!

Where to stay

We stayed at the amazing Azzaro resorts and spa. It isa 5 star hotel and is amazing. The food, the staff and the rooms all the up to the mark. It’s located near the city centre hence, that was pretty great as well. Right opposite, is their property also which is Hotel Kohinoor, which is lovely as well. If you want some budget options you can try Hotel Palms or Hotel the Grand Highness.

How to travel around Diu

Hiring a bike is the best way to go, as there are very less cars and public transport available.

Best time to visit

Try visiting in the months of November to February when the weather is cool.

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