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Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow – A Unique Theme Park

Dubai Garden Glow, an Eco-friendly garden full of photo opportunities, this beautifully designed glittering park is one of the coolest options for your evening time out. Having summer on the rise, first, we thought it will not be a great idea to visit this open park. Though, not having many options with us during Eid Holidays, we went ahead and booked our tickets. I feel great to say that we had one of the most enjoyable evenings even in the rocking temperature of 37c with high humidity. First, we thought we will be the only ones walking around in this weather, but now we were wrong and there were many families and tourists around.

Located in Zabeel Park and easily accessible, it is a unique theme park for the entertainment of all age groups. All around you see Glowing trees, Flowers, Animals Structure with eye-catching lighting and glitters.

Park Timings

Park has opened from November to June every year and the rest of the period is closed due to hot weather. Park timing is usually from 4 PM to 12 PM, however, these timings may change during Ramadan. You need to cross verify the timings on Dubai Garden Glow official website before you plan your

Though the park opens in day time around 4 PM, the recommended timing to visit is when the day is going to off and lights are on in front of you. The sky’s majestic evening blue color with the combination of artificial lights will be a perfect combination for picture-perfect.

On average, you will be spending around 1-2 hours in the park, though I felt I could easily stay there for 3-4 hours witnessing this man-made beautifully crafted lighting work.

Ticket Pricing

Per the official website, the ticket price is AED 60, however, if you smart enough to look for deals on various e-commerce sites, you may get good offers.

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Various Attractions

Dinosaur Park dubai
Dinosaur Park dubai

The park is majorly divided into two parts; Dinosaur Park and Garden Glow.

Dinosaur Park shows different generations and species of Dinosaurs. They tried their best to look Dinosaur as real as possible. There were life-sized dinosaurs, they moved, they roared and for each structure, there is information about the species.

The other attractions include Kid’s fun area, Mushroom Forest, Rainbow Tunnel, Talking Tree, Flowers Basket, and many more.

To be noted that you can’t take your own food inside, though there are many restaurants and cafes inside. Here we bring some of the pictures from our album to share with you;


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