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Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens- the largest stadium in India

Eden garden is one of the largest stadiums in India till now but soon the stadium in Ahmadabad is going to be the largest stadium leaving Eden the second largest. It is situated in Kolkata and is a major tourist attraction due to its wonderful garden and stadium. It was established in the year 1864. The makers of the stadium were inspired by the residing place of Adam and Eve mentioned in the Bible and thus named it Eden Gardens. The grounds are basically used for playing cricket and lies between Fort William and Babughat near B.B.D Bagh opposite to Calcutta high court.

International, as well as domestic matches, are played in this stadium. This playground is a home venue of the Kolkata Knight Riders. The capacity of the stadium has been expanded up to 94000 infrastructure includes a clubhouse, press box and a television in 1987 when a number of spectators have recorded one lakh for at least six times. The stands of Eden have been named after the Indian cricketers such as Pankaj Roy and Sourav Ganguly. The cricket field is famous for its large number of spectators and once Sourav Ganguly said that during a match with Australia in 2001 the noise of the crowd was the most in his lifetime. There is a bell in the stadium that has been added in 2016 that is ringed when matches are started during the day.

Structural design

Gradually year after year the playground is being modified and the facilities are getting upgraded. The roof has been built to provide maximum coverage with least support as possible. This stadium holds a quite good engineering frame due to the accurate roof over an irregular stadium. The newly formed Eden goes well with the ICC rules and regulations and maintains the standard needed for hosting international cricket.

Things to do

The path in the garden is beautifully decorated with mango, banyan and mahogany trees that gift the visitors with a peaceful environment and enjoys the natural beauty. Lord Dalhousie once brought a three-storeyed building of Burmese Pagoda in shades of golden and red color. The stadium lies just across the beautiful garden. Permission is required to visit the stadium from the Cricket Association of Bengal and it would be better if you plan to visit there when no matches are held.

Best time to visit Eden Gardens

The best time to visit the natural garden, as well as the adjoining stadium, is the evening time of the day. The whole year is suitable to visit there so you may go whenever times suit you. When there is a match you cannot enjoy the area fully rather get involved in matches. So better to go there in a period when no matches are held.

How to reach Eden Gardens

Local buses and cars are available occasionally so reaching there is not at all a headache .the location being on the strand road, you can get all transport facilities. It is accessible from all major cities and the nearest metro station from the garden is Park Street. The stadium lies just 15 km away from the metro station which is a walking distance.

Where to stay

There are huge numbers of hotels to stay near the Eden Garden stadium. If you are planning to visit Kolkata to see matches then hotels like hotel Himalaya, avenue club hotel, the Oberoi grand and Rituraj hotel are some of the nice options.  Hotel Minerva and Neeranand hotel Dalhousie are located just within a distance of 1 km from the spot.

The stadium basically hosts cricket matches including one day international, test matches and T-20 matches and also some of the Association Matches. The first match that was played here was the Hero cup knockout. It was in the year 1934 when the first test match was played and in the year 1987, the first ODI was held. Players from all over the world enjoy playing matches here due to the awesome crowd. This ground holds many histories of players where some has made the highest runs whereas some has taken the highest number of wickets. Several records have been broken in this Garden of Eden.

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