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El Yunque Best Destination to Adventure in Forest

El Yunque

El Yunque: Best Destination to Adventure in Forest

Wasting time in El Yunque with your family is a pleasure. We can feel a different atmosphere here. In town, or in the place where we usually work is full of pollution. Many sound pollutions from the car, factory, or the others are close to us. Air pollution from the car, fumes, factories, cigarette smoke, or smoke result from the combustion will make the environment around us dirty. It is not well for our health. On the holiday we should invite our family to a very fresh place.

People think to waste their holiday in a place that can make them calm and fresh. They seek a suitable place to visit during their holiday. It must be a place that presents a cool environment and kindly surrounding us. The beauty of the El Yunque cannot be seen anywhere place. You just can enjoy it in Northeastern Puerto Rico. There are many El Yunque animals you can find here. You can see many different plants that you never saw before.

Viewing El Yunque at a Glance

El Yunque at a Glance
El Yunque at a Glance

It premiere knew as Caribbean National Forest, after several years it changes into El Yunque National Park. There we can see El Yunque rainforest with plenty of good views such as the streams around the forest, the flower that we never have seen in the other national forest, and some awesome waterfall. The other interesting scenery is much variation of trees that just can grow in the tropical rain forests. Staying there for several times will treat us to sense the coolness that presents by nature there. We can breathe fresh air and refresh our minds after long times rush.

Why do You Still Doubt to Waste Time in El Yunque?

What kinds of holiday activities do you want? You need some activities that are more challenging, are not you? There you can hike in the forest, seek the unusual trees, flowers, plants, or make camping to enjoy the waterfall and the forest surrounding. El Yunque gives you many different sensations in your holiday, try it.


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