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Elephant Rock lost its formation

Elephant Rock lost its formation

Elephant Rock lost its formation

Elephant Rock lost its formation

Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock lost its formation

The Elephant Rock lost its formation

Elephant Rock in New Zealand ,New Zealand is considered as the country of Islands which is situated in the south western part of the Pacific Ocean. The country is divided into 2 major landmasses – one is the North Island while the other one is the South Island. Apart from these 2 islands there are 600 islands which are smaller in comparison to the major island.

The antiquity of New Zealand

  • New Zealand was considered to be the extensive landmass that had established as a major shelter for the Human beings.
  • During the year of 1835 and 1862, the Moriori, the group of people who had migrated Rekohu, got abolished. The reason was majorly due to the infiltration and invasion by Taranaki Maori and had created slavery for the existing population of the country. This had led to the spread of European diseases along with the culture from the east.
  • If you want to explore the history then there are various nice stories and adventures hiding behind the islands. The History of this place proves to be adventurous for every humankind. Along with the History, there are various tourist destinations which would mesmerize the travelers with its natural establishment that had turned to be a beautiful architecture.

The Famous Elephant Rock at the North Taranaki Coast.

While you visit New Zealand, you should travel the coastline of the northern part of Taranaki which is situated near Tongaporutu. There you can see the beautiful rock formation with a height of 25 meters which depicts the statue of Two sisters (earlier there were 3 sisters). Alongside the statue of the two sisters, you would be able to see the magnificent creation and the rocky pattern of Elephant which stood firm besides them. Unfortunately, the elephant Rock had lost its trunk in the year 2016.

The comprehension of the deformed rock

The iconic establishment seems to be the colossal Rock which had turned to be one of the popular destination for the tourists because it is established next to the formation of Rock depicting the three sisters at Tongaporutu, situated at the northern part of the island. The reports from the residents and localities had revealed the reason for the change in the formation of the rock establishment. They had described this establishment as one of the big Rock which was in the form of an elephant who had got his back, Front legs and the hind legs with a trunk that had come down to the ground. However the look of the elephant had demolished because the trunk had fallen off. The locals of Taranaki informed the loss was due to the unfortunate earthquake. The earthquake on the 14th of November 2016 had hit the country with a magnitude of 7.8 rector scale whose epicenter was 60 kilometers south of Kaikoura. However the earthquake was followed by hundreds of aftershocks that had wrecked and desolated the island for several days. This earthquake had provoked to form a 5 metre Tsunami which had perturbed the residents to retreat towards the eastern coastline for the safety of themselves and their family.

The Synopsis

However this had affected and was termed as a tragic loss by the islanders because they knew the Elephant Rock was treated as one of the wonders of the world in various social networking sites. According to them, this was not the first instance, as they had witnessed several rock formations along the coastlines got disappeared or deformed due to various natural calamities just like one of the three sisters had faded away due to the strong storm in 2003.

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