New England Aquarium Review

New England Aquarium Review

The New England Aquarium is the perfect place for the whole family to learn more about fascinating marine life. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, this popular attraction features animal exhibits, education workshops, and other fun activities.

Animal Exhibits

Some of the world’s most enchanting aquatic animal species can be seen in the aquarium’s exhibits. Many of these exhibits have been created to resemble the natural habitats of many of the aquarium’s creatures. Here are a few of the best exhibits to check out during a visit:

Amazon Rainforest
  • The Giant Ocean Tank– This heated saltwater tank contains a myriad of sea animals such as stingrays, moray eels, and sea turtles. A multi-tiered walkway wraps around the tank and gives people the opportunity to see the tank from all angles.
  • Amazon Rainforest– Some of the world’s most unique reptiles, amphibians, and aquatic creatures are housed in this exhibit. Trees and plants commonly found in the Amazon region are used to give this exhibit an even more authentic appearance. Many people crowd around to see the exhibit’s poison dart frogs and piranhas.
  • Marine Mammal Center– Trained sea lions and seals show off their skills to captive audiences who visit this exhibit. Guests can sit in bleachers while these animals interact with their trainers. Special fish treats are given to these creatures as a reward for performing their tricks. Volunteers are also asked to come down and be a part of the show.
  • Sea Dragons Exhibit– These tiny inhabitants of the sea take center stage inside this exhibit. Guests can marvel at the beautiful colors and intricate fins of these creatures. Special lighting is used in the tanks to create a more surreal experience for onlookers.
  • The Gulf of Maine– This exhibit showcases many of the sea animals found off the coast of New England. Lobsters, codfish, and dogfish sharks are some of the exhibit’s most popular creatures. Guests are also given the chance to see beautiful giant starfish.
  • Pacific Reef Community– Beautiful tropical fish can be seen swimming in their spacious tanks. Bright blue, red, and orange fish provide onlookers with an exquisite visual treat. Replicas of coral reefs have been added to many of the tanks.
  • Shark and Ray Touch Tank– People who have always wanted to pet a real shark or stingray will definitely want to visit this interactive exhibit. Visitors can stick their hands in the shallow water to feel the smooth skin of these creatures. This exhibit is completely safe and is particularly popular with children.

Education Opportunities

Visitors who would like to learn more about the New England Aquarium and its aquatic animal inhabitants have the opportunity to partake in a variety of programs. Many of these programs are suitable for both adults and children. Certain programs allow participants to hold and observe small starfish, clams, and other friendly animals. The aquarium also trains volunteers to help out with duties like animal feedings and photography services for special events. Participants can even be trained to interact with guests and answer questions about many of the aquarium’s animals. There is even a program that offers whale watching tours out on Boston Harbor.


The Reef is an outdoor restaurant located on the Aquarium Plaza that offers scrumptious meals to hungry guests. Pizza, lobster rolls, and New England clam chowder are some of the top food choices. The eatery’s bar serves up a variety of hearty cocktails. Live outdoor musical entertainment is also showcased during the summer months.


The Aquarium Gift Shop is the place to go for souvenir shopping. Plush animal toys, CDs, and educational DVDs can be purchased as a way to remember the visit. T-shirts and other clothing items featuring images of some of the aquarium’s most lovable animals are available in all sizes. Gift certificates are also available for purchase.

Spending a day at the New England Aquarium is the best way to learn more about some of the world’s most intriguing marine animals. Visitors will also likely gain a deeper appreciation of the natural habitats of these creatures during their time spent at the aquarium.

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