Family activities in Fiji Island

Family activities in Fiji Island

Family activities in Fiji Island: Fiji is one of the idyllic islands in the heart of the South Pacific with wonderful breath-taking tropical weather all around the year. Fiji islands are located at a distance of 2000 kilometers towards the north of New Zealand and 3000 kilometers east of Australia. Fiji is a nation of islands surrounded by blue crystal water with plenty of colorful marine life. Among a group of more than 300 islands, only 100 are inhabited by people, other 200 islands are less explored and the beauties of these unspoiled Virgin Islands are beyond imagination. The maximum population is found in Vanua Levu and Viti Levu among which Viti Levu is the most visited island by beach hopers and island lovers.

A ride that never fades out of mind

Catamaran Charter - Family activities in Fiji Island
Catamaran Charter

Custom build for comfort and speed, Catamaran Charter is the perfect ride for your family to the Fiji islands. A yacht ride to the enchanting islands of Fiji is the most adventurous trip on Erath with loads of activities to do on the way. Apart from taking in the stunning scenery and watching the tropical sun dipped below the horizon, you can get active with paddle boating to the exotic islands. Snorkeling the pristine riff which is teaming with colors of corals and marine life is an awesome experience. If you are not interested in all these, you can simply enjoy the tastiest, freshest, and healthiest meal on board with your loving family. To experience a full day on-the-water- activity it is best to explore a night is the yacht to feel the moment under the stars in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.



The journey on a yacht assures plenty of actions from world-class catamaran rides, sensational scuba diving, fishing, kite surfing or you may wish to encounter the real Fiji islands by exploring the tribal life who are the inhabitants of the island. Visit the remote villages and schools to experience the lifestyle of the people living there. Holidays make their way into your memory when you experience something unique. In addition to hiking and beach hopping, Fiji Island offers a great location for outdoor enthusiasts.

Destinations to explore

Mamanuca Islands - Family activities in Fiji Island
Mamanuca Islands

The most favorite destinations in the archipelago are Volcanic Mamanuca Islands, Kula Eco Park for the kids, and Fiji Museum in Suva, Mount Tomanivi (the highest mountain on the island, Nananu-i-Ra engulfed with white-sand beaches, off-shore reefs, and mangroves. The lonely standing island Yasawa Islands accessible by boat is untouched by the crowd. Although a few resorts are available per island to stay which are mesmerizing.

Island etiquette

The tribal of Fiji Island like to get gifts from the travellers visiting their villages which is called sevusevus. You need to dress conservatively and avoid wearing anything on your head. It is not possible to gift every one of them you are visiting so it is best to go with a guide to avoid offering sevusevus when planning for hiking across the main island of Fiji’s Viti Levu.

Traditional dishes

fresh fish
fresh fish

Dishes made there are very organic and healthy but to get the real flavor of the island go for dishes made by the cooks rather than preparing yourself. Traditional dishes of Fiji consist of steamed greens, fresh fish, root crops, and coconut.

When to visit

holiday in the Fiji Islands - Family activities in Fiji Island
holiday in the Fiji Islands

The months of April to December are the best moment to enjoy a spectacular and memorable holiday with your family because the weather remains cool at this time. From December to February, rains and thunderstorms are very common and by this time journey to the island should be avoided.

For visiting and spending your holiday in the Fiji Islands you may get information from the South Pacific Tourism Organization which is an inter-governmental sector of Tourism.

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