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Family Holidays in Bahrain

Family Holidays in Bahrain

Family Holidays in Bahrain

Family Holidays in Bahrain

Family Holidays in Bahrain

Family Holidays in Bahrain

As anyone who has traveled solo or as a couple and then traveled as a family will tell you, traveling with one, two, three, or more kids is a completely different traveling experience.  To make sure that your family holiday in Bahrain goes as smoothly as possible, try to incorporate these travel tips into your next adventure:

Stay In Central Locations

Brilliant Bab al Bahrain
Brilliant Bab al Bahrain

If you’re even as much as a 10 to 15-minute drive outside of the action, then you’re going to regret it.  Packing the kids up and getting them ready to go out anywhere, as you likely know, can be quite the chore.  When you stay in a location that’s right in the hub of where you want to be, you’re saving yourself time, stress, and money.  Which brings us to our next tip:

Walk & Use Transit

Depending on where you’re staying in Bahrain, you can likely walk to many destinations with your family.  This will help you save on car rental expenses, and will also reduce a lot of your travel stress (as an added benefit, it’ll really tire your kids out!).  For any destination that’s too far to travel to by foot, make use of Bahrain’s transit system or take a taxi.

Immerse Yourself In Bahrain’s Rich Culture

The best way for your entire family to get the most out of the trip is for every family member to commit to immersing themselves in the culture.  This means trying Bahrain’s cuisine (for those a bit more daring, that may mean trying the world-renowned camel burger), learning how to say goodbye and hello in Arabic (The BBC has a helpful little page in its language section) and taking in the music, the art, and the people.

Avoid Touristy Traps And Get Recommendations From Locals

Rather than go and do the typical “touristy” things right off the bat, why not ask the locals what the best places to go are and what’s worthwhile to go and see? Not only will you likely be able to save some cash, but you’ll also be able to get a  more genuine experience of Bahrain.  Make sure you make use of a currency conversion service as Travelex is active all over Bahrain and handy when you need a bit of extra spending money. You’ll need a decent budget for your family to enjoy much of what Bahrain has to offer.

Encourage Naps

Walking around under the hot sun all day can certainly leave members of your party exhausted and downright cranky by the end of the day.  It doesn’t matter how old or how young the members of your family are, everyone will appreciate an hour-long nap after lunch to recharge their batteries and to get ready for the next big adventure.


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