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Family Vacation in Africa

Family Vacation in Africa

Family Vacation in Africa

Family Vacation in Africa

Family Vacation in Africa

How to Experience a Different Family Vacation in Africa

Africa is a large continent that has much to offer to families looking to take a vacation here. With beautiful beaches and fantastic safaris, there really is plenty to see and do. However, for those who are a little tired of the normal holidays here are a few tips on how to experience a different family vacation in Africa.

Look at the different options available for your accommodation. A standard hotel may seem like the easiest thing to book but there are some quirky alternatives available. For example, the treehouse hotels are becoming very popular. You get to stay in a luxurious treehouse that often has its own plunge pool or sunken bath. Children are very welcome at most of these resorts and many of them offer child-friendly safaris. Waking up in the morning to watch a giraffe saunter by or an elephant graze close to where you are standing is a once in a lifetime experience. Kids will love the number of animals that are drawn to the tree canopies close to your own private deck and will enjoy leaving a little sugar on the rail and sitting back and waiting for bushbabies to come and have a snack as well as sleeping under the stars.

Africa Safari
Africa Safari

Try and plan your trip to coincide with one of Africa’s annual festivals to experience a little something different. There is usually something being held no matter where you plan to visit in Africa so research your destination and see what they hold and when. You will have the chance to experience many varied things such as film festivals,
music and dancing, local crafts and food, and even camel racing or camping in the desert.

Break your trip up if possible and your children are not too young. You could start with a few days staying on a game reserve and then move onto the coast for some relaxation on the beach with some water sports to keep the kids amused and follow that up with a short cruise. Many tour operators will be more than happy to help you
plan you’re itinerary and will also be able to recommend specific places to visit whilst you are there.

Booking a volunteering vacation is a great experience for all of the family. There are many to choose from and you could find yourself doing anything from helping on a nature reserve to building a school. You may find that some of the volunteering is actually very hard work and so you could combine a few days of this with a stay in a beach resort. Whichever you decide to book, you will feel an enormous sense of satisfaction at having participated in one of these programs.

Africa has over 50 countries and each one will have something for everyone. Make sure that you explore all options available in each of the countries to expand on the possibilities to fit in a tour or trip that is a little something different.

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