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Famous Landmarks to Visit in UK

Famous Landmarks to Visit in UK

The history of the United Kingdom has made it a must-visit destination for all tourists. The famous Landmarks which are ought to be visited in the UK are:



This has been the most popular and mysterious landmark in UK. It is actually a circle of monolithic stones that were created during the prehistoric period around 3100BC. Stonehenge is managed by the British Heritage and religious worship is performed there.

York Minister:

York Minister - Famous Landmarks to Visit in UK
York Minister

This is one of the most famous and magnificent churches in the world. Irrespective of the religious barriers anyone who visits York Minister will automatically bow down to its outstanding construction. Generally, churches do not have their own police force but this place maintains its own force.



This is a famous village often attracting tourists. It is located on the west coast of Whales. This strange place is actually a hotel which accommodates people within various buildings hence forming a village. It is one of the biggest attractions of Gwynedd for tourists.

Winder Castle:

Winder Castle - Famous Landmarks to Visit in UK
Winder Castle

This is the largest castle present in the world and is both the official workplace and royal residence of the Queen. Here she takes official decisions regarding her work as well as relaxes as a part of her personal life. For over 900 years it has been a royal home. Winder Castle was rebuilt in stone but it was initially built with timber.

Warwick Castle:

Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle

This is one of the most beautiful castles located in the town of Warwick in the West Midlands and has secured a place among the top ten historic monuments by British tourist’s authority. It is also marked as Britain’s Best guide by a guide of Great Britain.

Tower of London:

Tower of London - Famous Landmarks to Visit in UK
Tower of London

This tower was constructed by William the conqueror after his invasion in the year 1066. Long since 1303 London tower was home for crown jewels. It was also used as a prison for several years.

London Eye:

London Eye
London Eye

This is the most contemporary landmark of London, situated next to the county hall. It is a Ferris wheel that is considered the biggest wheel in the world. It is a half an hour ride and can accommodate 800 passengers at a time. The highest point of this wheel is 450 feet and you can view a radius of 25 miles from there.

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