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Festivals for backpackers in Asia

Festivals for backpackers in Asia

Festivals for backpackers in Asia

Festivals for backpackers in Asia

Festivals for backpackers in Asia

Festivals for backpackers in Asia

Festivals for backpackers in Asia

Festivals and backpackers are like peas and carrots, and Asia is home to a huge range of festivals. In fact, many backpackers plan their itinerary around which festivals they want to catch. Below is a snapshot of just five of the many amazing festivals Asia has to offer.

Sunburn Festival – Goa, India

Goa Travel Packages

The Sunburn is India’s largest electronic dance festival. Electronic dance music enthusiasts come from all over the world to dance the day and night away at this three-day festival. The festival is on a truly epic scale, with seven stages and a crowd of around 46 thousand people.

Goa is also one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, so backpackers will have plenty to amuse themselves with once the festivities are over.

Bali Arts Festival – Bali, Indonesia

places to visit in Bali
Bali Indonesia

Bali is the bohemian backpacker’s darling, and Bali’s three-day arts festival is a must-do. During the festival the Balinese celebrate art, dance and music ­ a truly special introduction to Balinese culture.

Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival – Laos and North Eastern Thailand

Rocket Festival Thailand
Rocket Festival Thailand

Fancy fireworks, Thai style? The Rocket festival is a two-day celebration that sees homemade rockets fired into the sky in a bid to ask the ‘Rain God’ to favor the year’s rice harvest. Villagers gather together to create, paint and decorate their rockets, and the person whose rocket goes highest wins prestige. It’s a great alternative festival for those backpackers who are weary of the dance floor.

Rhythm & Sands Festival – Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan - Festivals for backpackers in Asia
Koh Phangan

What would a backpacking journey through Thailand be without a beach festival? A refreshing change from the full moon parties, Rhythm & Sands starts during the day and carries on into the night. Taking place on a secluded beach with a huge pool as the focal point, Rhythm & Sands is a truly tropical festival.

Rainforest World Music Festival – Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo

Rainforest World Music Festival - Festivals for backpackers in Asia
Rainforest World Music Festival

This festival invites you to get involved. There are workshops, musical lectures and of course, concerts galore. The festival has an interactive atmosphere and you’re invited to get amongst it with the musicians. Whether you’d rather listen in the background or let your fingers fly over guitar strings, the Rainforest World Music Festival caters to all types.

For most backpackers a big concern is budget but, if you’re crafty and organize your itinerary well in advance, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to tick off some of Asia’s best festivals. Take a look at sites like fluege.de and make sure you jump on the deals when you see them.


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