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Finding the best Mysore restaurants

Finding the best Mysore restaurants

Finding the best Mysore restaurants

Finding the best Mysore restaurants

best Mysore restaurants

Finding the best Mysore restaurants

Finding the best Mysore restaurants

Mysore is a city of southern India and the cuisine we generally find here is delicious and healthy. It is the second largest city in Karnataka and travellers enjoy a wide range of dishes that includes south Indian cuisine, coastal foods and oriental delights. Dishes like idli, dosa, vangi baath that is rice with brinjal curry and many more attracts a lot of people to taste its delicacy. And above all chutney is the quintessence of every dish.

Whenever we go to some distant places, we may not have any knowledge of the local foods and therefore should know it. Local restaurants are there that prepares special dishes of that locality. South Indian dishes may not be favoured and liked if we go in a wrong place. So it is important to select standard restaurants for getting the best of southern flavour. The south Indian meals are extremely healthy and you would never run out of stomach. They prefer veggies most of all and boiled rather than cooked. The people over there are health conscious and Mysore is engaged in physical exercises, yoga and depends on Ayurveda for any health issues. Because of their maintenance style they stay fit all through the year. So here you can find the best Mysore restaurants listed below:

Green hotel

Located in Chottarangan Palace on Vinoba road is a royal restaurant called Green hotel. This is one of the favourite spot in Mysore that offers wonderful surrounding along with healthy and tasty food stuffs. There is a garden where you can enjoy your golden romantic moments under the sky. And if you choose to have your lunch inside, then princess place is a plus. They offer awesome tasty and fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner. The vegetarian soup, chicken dishes, beverages, sandwiches and other cuisines are like home made stuffs and travellers really enjoy a lot of these meals.


It is situated on the Kannada Parishath Road of Vijaynagar in Mysore. This place is ranked high among the intercontinental places and most of the experienced travellers recommend having meal in this restaurant. Foreign tourists can have the flavour of non- Indian stuffs here as they offer varieties of steaks including chicken. They also offer Mezzaluna special dish, that is grilled chicken with egg gravy on top, and they provide bread as a starter. The meals are quite delicious and affordable.

By the way

It is an ideal place for them who love to dine outdoor within the greeneries of garden. It is the most ambient of all Mysore restaurants. It has dining space with hut like structures that complements well with the food. Other than impressive Indian cuisines, it offers seafood such as masala fried crab, prawn rawa fry, meen kaithina, grilled basa and many more. The kandapur chicken ghee roast is one of the favourite dishes of local people. Other special coastal menus include steamed rice noodles, egg vindaloo and neer dosa.

Tiger trial

This one is a concept restaurant situated in the rani Laxmibai road of yadavgiri in Mysore. Most of their menus display the barbeque selection that draws the set of food choices from the tiger reserves all around India. While it’s grilled tanduri and kababs are worth the money. The outdoor seating of these Mysore restaurants attracts people due to the decoration of fairy lights and torches.

Cafe Aramane

This typical south Indian busy restaurant is a heritage building filled with characters. The office goers of the locality finds it striking with steaming breakfast, lunch thalis and evening coffee with a convoy of variety snacks. Here you can experience the south Indian flavour at the fullest. The cafe has arrangement for a wide range of idlis, upma, uttapams and above all the best dosas of the city. You can find here Chinese dishes and North Indian dishes as well.

In Mysore (also called Mysuru) one can take delights of vegetarian dishes as well as non vegetarian dining experience. There are vegetarian restaurants available too in the city like Om Shanti in Nazarbad and Indra cafe’s Paras in Chamrajpura with items like Rsam, Kesari Bath, vada sambhar and many more. Walk in these restaurants for sumptuous dishes and to satisfy your tongue and stomach.

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