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Gadgets to make your life easier while travelling

Gadgets to make your life easier while travelling

Gadgets to make your life easier while travelling

1. Tracker Luggage Lock

Tracker Luggage Lock - Gadgets to make your life easier while travelling
Tracker Luggage Lock

Lost baggage can ruin anyone’s trip abroad and one of the best ways to avoid this problem is the
TSA Tracker Luggage Lock 400. Not only does the padlock keep baggage secure, the ‘SearchCheck
indicator’ lets you know if your luggage has been opened. This gadget comes with four resettable
combination dials.

2. Portable Printers

Portable Printers
Portable Printers

Imagine having your own printer along with you whenever you are on your travels. With items such as tickets now being able to be purchased online, printing them on the move is no longer a problem.

Brother MW-140BT is an excellent example of the new generation of portable printers. This
compact device, which measures just 100 mm x 160 mm x 17.5 mm, will fit quite easily into a jacket
pocket. It can be connected via a standard USB cable or by Bluetooth, to a laptop or netbook, making
it ideal for use while away from the home or office.

3. Thermal Printer

Thermal Printer - Gadgets to make your life easier while travelling
Thermal Printer

A thermal printer, the MW-140BT does not require printer cartridges. It boasts a print resolution of
300 dpi and print speed are four sheets per minute. The printer uses A7 paper, which is loaded in a

4. UV Monitor

UV Monitor
UV Monitor

Another cause of ruined holidays is laying out in the sun for too long and suffering sunburn. One way
to overcome this problem is by using the Oregon Scientific UV Monitor. This is a portable gadget, which
can take into account your skin type and the sunscreen you are using to warn if you have been out in
the sun for too long.

5. Micro Scale

Micro Scale - Gadgets to make your life easier while travelling
Micro Scale

One of the big problems for travellers returning from foreign airports is the risk of excess baggage
charges. Presents and duty-free can greatly add to the weight of your luggage. A good way to avoid
these excess charges is to take along a set of Ultimo Micro Digital Luggage Scales. These handheld
scales will help ensure your baggage is within the weight limit.

6. Wardrobe Safe

Wardrobe Safe
Wardrobe Safe

While on your travels you will want to keep your valuables safe. The Hanging Wardrobe Safe consists
of plastic pockets where those valuable items can be concealed and secured. The ‘safe ’is then
hidden beneath items of clothing hanging in the wardrobe.


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