Getting Wasted with Alcoholism

Getting Wasted with Alcoholism

Night outs, parties, and drinking sessions might be fun and exciting for young adults but this can also open the chances for them to get hooked with this superficial way of “feeling good”! You are an alcoholic when you crave for alcohol and can no longer limit your intake to the minimum acceptable amount. The problem has already worsened when withdrawal signs such as nausea, sweating, shakiness, or anxiety manifest when you suddenly stop drinking alcohol. Help is definitely needed here.

Many are unaware of the very harmful effects of alcohol in our bodies. Alcohol is normally associated with cool lifestyle, independence, and relaxation but the real score is – it can lead to serious troubles physically, mentally, and emotionally. Life expectancy is automatically reduced by 10 to 15 years if the drinking is unstoppable. Not only that. The worst-case scenario is the long-term suffering of the following conditions:

  • Brain damage is inevitable as too much alcohol can destroy brain cells.
  • The central nervous system can be greatly affected by hindering a person’s ability to retrieve, consolidate, and process information. They will no longer be fit to work.
  • Cognitive abilities can be affected even with just moderate consumption of alcohol, while large amounts can block the supply of oxygen in the brain causing blackouts.
  • Inflammation in the mouth, esophagus, and stomach can be experienced leading to cancers and the risk is doubled when coupled with smoking.
  • It can produce irregular heartbeats, high blood pressures, heart attacks, and other coronary ailments.
  • It can cause vision impairments, water retention, slow circulation, and malnutrition.
  • Alcoholism leads to skin and pancreatic disorders and weakens the bones and muscles – therefore decreasing immunity.

Alcoholics’ most prone organ for disorders and malfunction is the liver. The amount of alcohol that our liver can break down is limited therefore excessive drinking will hit the liver first. There are three stages where liver damage occurs. The first is liver enlargement whereby liver cells are being penetrated by abnormal fatty tissues. The second is alcoholic hepatitis when liver cells swell, inflame, and finally die. The third stage is cirrhosis where fibrous scar tissues are formed hindering the flow of blood flowing through the liver.

Alcoholics definitely need help. They need the support of their family and loved ones most of all. There are several institutions that they can be rehabilitated where a support group and trained medical practitioners join hands for their positive transformation. However, it is crucial that alcoholics accept the fact that they need help and are willing to subject themselves to treatments and rehabilitation. There must be an intense desire to stop drinking.  Knowing the cause of alcoholism also helps. If the habit is caused by social and peer influences then, by all means, alcoholic associates must be avoided. Success is dependent on the person’s will to stop drinking so – other people can only do so much. The effect of alcohol is definitely reversible especially if rehabilitation is done at an early stage.

Since a strong will power is essential for alcoholic adults to bring things back to normal and regain their life after alcoholism – how can this be possible when their heads are already clouded with inhibitions and are probably already hallucinating? Here is when the support of a concerned loved one comes in. It requires love to be able to convince an alcoholic to get help. This is actually a challenge because the person you once knew will be like a stranger now who is irritable, untidy, and short-tempered. No wonder many relationships such as marriages are put into the brink of chaos when any of the partners is an alcoholic – even worst if Sildenafil Citrate is also abused together with alcohol in trying to patch up marital problems. If you are the one living with an alcoholic, remind yourself that the person you love is drinking himself or herself to death because of unbearable pain. Your compassion together with his or her cooperation can beat all odds – and prevent your lives from getting wasted!

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