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10 Best Girls Getaway Destinations

10 Best Girls Getaway Destinations

10 Best Girls Getaway Destinations

10 Best Girls Getaway Destinations

Girls Getaway Destinations

10 Best Girls Getaway Destinations

10 Best Girls Getaway Destinations

Girls Getaway Destinations: As the classic line goes, “girls just wanna have fun.” There are plenty of places in this wide world of ours where a girl can go to have fun! From islands to igloos, why not grab some girlfriends and make a trip of it? Here are the ten best places for girls to get away and have some fun.

1. Disneyland

Disneyland Resort Paris
Disneyland Resort Paris

Want to feel like a princess? Disney is the way to go. Whether you go to a Disney park in Hong Kong or L.A., you’re sure to have a magical time with your girls. It’s funny how Disney is cool until you’re ten and then suddenly it becomes trendy again when you hit twenty! In fact, Disney girl trips are a big trend right now. There are plenty of reasons to love Disney as your girly getaway. For one thing, it’s a fairly inexpensive trip, depending on how far you have to travel to get there. For another, it’s a place where you can let your guard down and just be a kid again. Finally, let’s not forget Disney princesses. You can’t pass up putting Elsa on your Insta feed!

2. New York City

New York City - Girls Getaway Destinations

What could be better for a girls’ trip than the city that never sleeps? Plus, your boyfriend would never go to Wicked the Musical with you. So go see it with your besties! You’ll be shopping all day long and playing all night long. With lots of great designer stores, fun entertainment, and celeb sightings, New York City is a great place for the girls to hang.

3. Nashville

Nashville - Girls Getaway Destinations

Because we all know you love Luke Bryan more than anything else on stage! A trip to Nashville is filled with all the fun stuff- up-and-comers playing in the bars, great shopping, and best of all, the Grand Old Opry and the stars who play there. You can even take a behind-the-scenes tour and have a chance to sing on the stage where all the greats have stood!

4. Savannah, Georgia



Enjoy that Southern class with your sweet iced tea. This is a great destination for ladies who enjoy a slower, more relaxed pace for their vacations. Savannah boasts plenty of beautiful parks to enjoy, plus lots of historic sights to see (can you say “antiquing?”). Besides, you’ll have an excuse to stay at a charming little bed and breakfast and get a taste of some real Southern home cooking. Doesn’t get much better than that.

5. Miami

Miami Florida
Miami Florida

Miami is the hot destination for all single ladies. There is so much to do in the city—especially when it has to do with nightlife. You can beach the days away and then spend your nights awake and alive at Miami’s many clubs. Several bars even have specials for ladies on vacation. Cheers!

6. St. Catherine’s, Ontario

Give Canada some love. St. Catherine’s is one of the most southern points in the entire country, making it warmer than most of Canada. The climate of the town is perfect for growing grapes, so there are dozens of vineyards and wineries in the area. Get your girls together for a wonderful weekend of wine tasting and vineyard tours! The town is also near Lake Ontario, Niagara Falls, and Toronto, so you can get your city and sightseeing time in, as well.

7. Hawaii

Hawaii Islands - Girls Getaway Destinations

A whole state isn’t very specific, I know, but why not see the whole thing when you go? An island-hopping adventure is a perfect way to get tropical on your Hawaiian girls’ trip. Each island is unique and has something different to love. Hike the rainforest on the Big Island, sunbathe on Waikiki Beach in Oahu, and swim in Maui. You can’t go wrong with Hawaii. Just be sure to get some real Hawaiian pearls before you leave!

8. Prescott, Arizona

Prescott - Girls Getaway Destinations

If you’re longing for that small-town feel and love a touch of the Western, Prescott is a great place to spend a weekend. It’s filled with sweet little bed and breakfasts (as well as historic hotels) that make your trip comfortable and cozy. Once the capital of Arizona, Prescott still proudly retains its historic and western flair. You can browse through antique shops and grab lunch at any one of the area’s independent eateries. Why not check out a museum, too?

9. Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Strip

There’s a lot to love in Las Vegas. From the neon strip to the midnight tour buses, you can’t get any flashier than Sin City. Spend your nights on the town as you check out the casinos and bar hop. Recover all day next to the pool, sipping a fruity drink while working on your tan. Las Vegas is not just for bachelor parties! It’s a great place to go with other gals at any time.

10. Red River Valley, New Mexico

Red River Valley - Girls Getaway Destinations

There’s nothing quite like the green side of New Mexico. Drive through forested highways to sleepy little towns nestled in the hills, hibernating the beautiful summer away until ski season comes and the tourists arrive again. You can find some real gems in this area, including incredible hikes to glacial lakes and nice little towns with quirky statues on every corner.

A girls-only trip can be a great refresher. It’s a chance to focus on what YOU want to do and see and gives you a unique chance to share an experience with those women who are so special to you. So give yourself a well-deserved trip to recharge and re-connect.


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