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Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach- cleanest beach in Mumbai

One of the best beaches with a pollution free environment is the Gorai Beach in Borivali, Mumbai. If you are one of them who want to spend some time into the serene nature then this beach is just the right place for you. Nowadays most of the beaches are filled with pollution but this one being away from the metropolitan areas offers a suitable environment to breathe freely in the fresh air. It brings you close to nature and you are able to pass some moments walking along the beach. Partying in the night in this part of Gorai offers an escape from the hustle bustle of crowded city life. Gorai beach is at a distance of 40 km from the city of Mumbai. It is a popular beach lying along the coast of the Arabian Sea. Situated within the Uttan villages and lined by Manori, it offers an ideal relaxing destination to spend the weekend.

How to reach

The closest airport to Gorai beach is the Chattrapati Shivaji International airport. The most suitable way to reach the beach is to go by road as you can direct to the beach. And if you decide to travel by train then you need to cross the river in ferry which will take 15 minutes. That is something different and the experience would be really good. From Mumbai, you can take any kind of transport as per your convenience to reach the beach. You have to drive across Uttan road to reach there and that is really an awesome experience as you need to drive along the waterline and the splashes would make you feel fantastic. Another route to reach the beach is to go from Bhayandar towards the Uttan road. The driving distance from there is just half an hour.

What to do

Beaches are best in monsoon months. Driving along the beach is the first thing you must do to get a wonderful experience watching the waves and driving. The second thing is riding a horse cart and riding single horses too. Both are available. If you are afraid to ride the horse yourself then you may hire the cart to visit the beach along with your family. The third thing to explore on the beach is the ferry rides. There are lots of ferries and boats at a distance sailing in the sea. The view is superb and the ride to is unique. The fourth thing to do in the beach is having some lip-smacking local foods. Many vendors are seen along the beach selling many types of eateries in small stalls. Next, the most unique experience along the beach is watching the sunset that scatters shades of red color in the afternoon. It looks mind-blowing as you see the cool water flowing in its light.

There are well-maintained roads like that of Goa on both the sides. The palm and coconut trees along the beach make it more beautiful and a treat for our eyes. You can also see backwaters by the side of the road. Driving car is available right up to the Gorai Beach. You can find the village of the fishermen at the left end of the shore. It feels very nice to watch them catch fresh fish and sorting it out. You can have a nice deal with them on fresh seafood. They sell good kinds of stuff at a very reasonable price. You cannot get such fresh fish at any market. Driving along the shore is a nice option to pass time in an interesting manner. Many cars are seen passing through the waves splashing water and racing within themselves.

Where to stay

There are numerous resorts and bungalows, some are overlooking and some are facing the beach. Rooms are very affordable and comfortable. The specialty of those resorts is that they serve fresh seafood in meals.

The Gorai Beach is regarded as the cleanest seashore in the city. You can smell fresh oxygen and swim in fresh water. No heaped garbage is seen along the beach as hawkers are few and also the place is less explored by tourists. Couples are seen spending time with their loved ones sitting on the embankments.



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