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Greece holidays

Greece holidays

Best Time for a Greece holidays

The best time of year for a holiday to Greece is during seasonal transitions. According to travel guides, visitors should arrive between April and June or September and October forĀ Greece holidays 2021. These periods mark the arrival of mild temperatures and minimal tourist crowds.

Summertime in Greece

Summertime in Greece

Grecian summers are hot and dry, with Northern winds providing occasional relief. Average daytime temperatures range between 29 and 35 degrees Celsius. Daytime highs of 38 degrees C during the month of July are common.

Visitors arriving between April and June enjoy significantly cooler weather and greater travel discounts. Later in the season, local accommodations are overpriced and overbooked with summer break crowds. This is when almost two-thirds of the British population take their annual holiday.

Autumn in Greece

Autumn in Greece

Autumn marks another optimal time for holidays in Greece. September to October marks a cooling-off period from warmer summer weather. Temperatures are still pleasant, allowing guests to enjoy Grecian beaches without large throngs of hovering tourists.

Less ferry and airline service is available starting at the end of October. Activity turns towards the mainland as residents prepare for the holiday season. Fall marks an excellent time to visit well-known Greek archaeological sites. This time creates the perfect escape for British families looking for a special ending to the school holiday period.

Visiting Greece during Easter

Visitors planning Greece holidays 2012 should note Greek Easter week dates. The country follows a Julian calendar, meaning that some Grecian religious holidays do not fall concurrently with Eastern observation dates. 2012 Greek Orthodox Easter falls on April 15.

Previous guests note the pageantry involved with Greek Easter celebrations. Residents create bright red Easter eggs and stay awake all night decorating the tomb, or Bier, of Christ. Families attend religious services and return to their homes afterward for large meals.

Operating hours for local tourist attractions, bars, and restaurants change during the holiday. Museums and archaeological sites close on Easter Sunday, with limited hours the Friday and Saturday before. Restaurants and bars close on Friday and Saturday evenings immediately before Easter, with most eateries offering seasonal lentil and vegetarian entrees in observation of Lent. During Easter Sunday and much of Easter Monday, all life revolves around local churches.

Traffic becomes almost intolerable during Easter in Greece. Large crowds of residents head to smaller villages in surrounding areas. Once traffic dissipates, the area becomes a ghost town until late Monday evening when returning residents clog the roadways.

Visitors come to Greece for a wide range of reasons. Sandy beaches, cultural and historical attractions make people want to plan their holidays in Greece. Optimal travel times not only help guests save money but aides them in avoiding overwhelming crowds.


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