Guide to Family Holidays in Cyprus

Guide to Family Holidays in Cyprus

Guide to Family Holidays in Cyprus: The gorgeous Mediterranean island of Cyprus is well known as a beautiful and relaxing destination. What many people don’t realize, however, is that it is also the perfect spot for a family holiday. The island truly does have it all, from varied terrain and hiking sites to beautiful beaches and even historical and educational landmarks. If you are planning an upcoming holiday to Cyprus for your family, use this helpful guide to learn a little more about the best family accommodations, which attractions are top for children, and what to expect when it comes to costs and budgeting for your trip.

Choosing Cyprus For Families

Choosing Cyprus For Families - Guide to Family Holidays in Cyprus
Choosing Cyprus For Families

While there are hundreds and even thousands of potential holiday destinations you could select from, Cyprus really is a top pick for families. The warm Mediterranean climate, delicious cuisine, and exciting attractions make it perfect for children of all ages. If you want a more educational trip, head to the capital city of Nicosia. Those looking for a chance to relax and enjoy water sports and recreation with their children should be sure to stay in accommodations in Ayia Napa or one of the other large resort areas that cater directly to families.

Top Cypriot Attractions for Children

Cypriot Attractions for Children - Guide to Family Holidays in Cyprus
Cypriot Attractions for Children

The main attraction in Cyprus for families will be the beautiful beaches. The most popular for families is Makronisos Beach in Ayia Napa. Here you will find opportunities for sailing, renting pedal boats, or even kayaking. Children will also love Grecian Bay, a beautiful sandy beach that is rarely crowded and offers a calm place to swim that parents will appreciate. Don’t forget to visit the exciting Aphrodite Water Park, a refreshing destination that offers wave pools, lazy rivers, thrilling rides, and plenty of places to simply relax and soak up the sun. Admission to the Aphrodite Water Park is €28 and is located near Paphos.

Educational and Historical Sites

Cyprus Museum - Guide to Family Holidays in Cyprus
Cyprus Museum

While there is plenty of fun to be had while in Cyprus, children can also learn a lot from a holiday like this. Seeing the divided capital of Nicosia is a great way to bring up political and religious history. Be sure to take children to the Ledra Observatory where admission is a mere €0.85 and visitors can see both sides of Cyprus at once. Other fascinating destinations on the island include the painted churches in the Troodos Mountains, the Byzantine Museum, and the Cyprus Museum, which charge €3.40 per person.

Accommodation Options for Families

Cyprus Accommodation
Cyprus Accommodation

Cyprus is a popular tourist destination and boasts countless accommodation options for families. If you want a hotel experience, look to the all-inclusive resorts of Ayia Napa and ask for connected rooms to keep your family close. If you would prefer to have more privacy on your holiday, consider renting a private holiday home or a villa instead. This is a great way to enjoy seclusion, a private swimming pool, a fully equipped kitchen, and lots of space for your family instead of being crammed into a single room. Above all else make sure you look out for late deals if your trip is close to the departure date.

Costs and Budgeting For Your Trip

Troodos mountains, Cyprus
Troodos mountains, Cyprus

Trips to Cyprus can be planned on almost any budget. Those who are looking for the most affordable option can rent a holiday home for the entire family and opt to take advantage of free attractions like the local beaches and hiking in the Troodos Mountains. Cooking in the kitchen of the holiday home will be much more affordable than eating out in hotel restaurants three times each day. If you do plan to visit some of the more expensive attractions on the island such as the Aphrodite Water Park or the Parko Paliatso Fun Fair, go online ahead of your trip and get tickets early at a steep discount.

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