Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake Travel Guide

Gurudongmar Lake Travel Guide – Tourist Attraction and Things Do In Gurudongmar Lake

Offering a crystal view of the blue sky and icy peaks, Gurudongmar Lake is considered to be one of the highest elevation lakes at an altitude of 17,800 feet above sea level. The elevation of the lake provides amazing views of Kanchenjunga, one of the highest peaks of the Himalayas, which attracts everyone towards it. This lake is considered very sacred in Buddhism because the lake is considered heaven by Buddhist Guru Padmasambhava.

Surrounding Gurudongmar Lake is barren land surrounded by alpine pastures. All around the lake are covered with snow in winter and in summer, beautiful flowers bloom here, including a medicinal plant like Panchang Bhramkamal. The beauty of the place mesmerizes tourists and provides new energy, the article describes the Gurudongmar Lake Travel Guide which will make your trip exciting.

Best time to visit Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar lake is considered to be good enough to visit both winter and summer. Visit Gurudongmar Lake during the months of March to May is summer, at this time you get to see greenery all around and new flowers blooming in spring, while in winter there is snowfall in which tourists can enjoy snowfall, skiing. During the monsoon, natural disasters occur here, so avoid visiting Gurudongmar Lake at this time.

Things to do in Gurudongmar Lake

Enjoy the scenery

The scenic view around Gurudongmar lake is captivating to the mind. The fresh mountain view of the lake in the fresh clear water of this lake is enough to mesmerize the mind. Tourists can make photography and shorts videos in the breathtaking views of the place. Apart from this, there are also Great Tibetan Sheep, Tibetan Ghazal, Tibetan Wolf, and Snow Leopard.

Do tracking

Adventure lovers can enjoy trekking near Gurudongmar Lake. Tourists can trek from Gurudongmar lake to Tsomo lake, it is a 9-10 km distance from which tourists can decide and enjoy trekking. Although tourists may need a permit here, tourists can ask their agent for this.

Thangu Valley

The Thangu Valley is a spectacular tourist attraction at an altitude of 14000 feet above sea level, 2 hours away from Gurudongmar Lake. Due to the high altitude of Thangu Valley, the elderly and people suffering from the disease may find it a bit difficult.

The valley is considered to be a good place to visit during summer, at this time the surroundings are lush green, and new flowers bloom, which are fascinating to see. While the valley gets a lot of snowfall during the winter, during which tourists can do skiing etc. activities here, but before going to this time, do take local information.

Gurudongmar Lake Travel Tips

  • Tourists take all the items adapted to the climatic climate of the time in which the Gurudongmar lake is visited.
  • Gurudongmar Lake is quite high and it is not good to go to the hill station on a single plain so spend some time in low-altitude areas like Lachen.
  • Gurudongmar Lake is situated on the Indian border, so keep all the important government documents like Voter Card, Aadhar Card along with it, apart from this you will also need to get a permit.

How to reach Gurudongmar Lake

Tourists cannot reach Gurudongmar lake directly, for this they have to come to Lachen first.

Air Travel: – After traveling by plane, tourists will reach Bagdogra Airport, after this, it is to reach Lachen by taxi or suitable facility and after spending some time here, tourists can go to Gurudongmar Lake by taxi.

Rail Travel: – The nearest Darjeeling railway station is near Lachen, from here tourists will cover a 171 km distance of Lachen.

Road trip: – Bus and taxis are available from Sikkim or border areas to reach Lachen with ease.

Accommodation near Lake Gurudongmar

There is no suitable place to stay near Gurudongmar lake, for this, tourists have to go to Lachen, where tourists will find hotels and guest houses to stay on a reasonable budget.


Tourists must visit the holy Gurudongmar lake to make their holiday memorable. Explore the unforgettable natural scenery and atmosphere that will bring newness to your life. Tourists can enjoy a hassle-free trip through the Gurudongmar Lake Travel Guide.

Which activities can be done near Gurudongmar Lake?

Tourists can undertake activities such as trekking, skiing, and sightseeing near Gurudongmar Lake.

Who can visit Gurudongmar lake?

Gurudongmar Lake is located in the Indian International Boundary Zone where Indian tourists are allowed with permits and foreign tourists are prohibited from visiting international border destinations such as Zero Point, Gurudongmar Lake, and Nathu La Pass.

How far is the gurudongmar lake from Lachen?

Gurudongmar Lake is situated 60 to 70 km away from Lachen and this journey may take 2 hours or more to complete.

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