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Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

6 Top Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

Health Benefits Of Playing Golf: A time comes when you go to the doctor and they are insistent you have to make a regular exercise routine to improve your health. You rack your brain thinking of what activities you can engage in to keep you fit. Running around the neighborhood or sweating at the gym is not an option for you. End the torture of thinking of healthy and appealing activity and embrace golf.

Many people once they hear of golf think it is just a lazy sport for the wealthy. This misconception arises from the history of golf as it was played by the wealthy in the olden days. However, this does not mean that it is a lazy sport!

It may not be as intensive as playing baseball or basketball. It will not make you sweat like running in the morning does, but it is still as healthy as the other sports. It holds a myriad of benefits and is the perfect sport for the busy businessperson as it provides the perfect opportunity to interact with potential partners or customers as you compete over the next hole.

  1. Keep heart disease away

The heart is one of the most important organs in your body and you need it to be in the best condition. Cardio exercises are a top priority at the gym and are the main benefit of running. Already you must be wondering how you get cardio exercises by swinging the club. The truth is you do not strengthen your heart by swinging at the dimpled ball.

You get cardio by dumping the cart and investing in a good walk. Walk from one hole to the next instead of riding around, and get a good dose of exercise. The terrain of most golf courses is a wide expanse with hills, ponds, plains and you will walk quite a distance. If you were to walk through all 18 holes, you would have walked a total of 6 miles.

The result is you keep at bay diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

  1. Golf makes you live longer

The math is simple. Playing golf releases endorphins into your blood. Endorphins are responsible for enhancing your mood and making you happy. Happiness helps you to live longer and keeps stress-related diseases away. Golfing, therefore, makes, you live for longer.

When you are playing competitively amongst friends or business partners, you release stress, keep away diseases, and eventually live longer as you enjoy the sun.

  1. Golfing improves your mind

Golfing improves your mind
Golfing improves your mind

Golf is a competitive game and involves strategy. Whether you win or lose a hole, you have to plan for the next one and there are 18 holes in total and that is just one game.  Such activity improves your thought process, develops strategic thinking, and increases your visualization and concentration. Furthermore, it enables emotional development. It takes one a lot to keep their cool after losing a game or a single hole.

Golf being an aerobic activity helps in the management of Alzheimer’s. As one plays, more oxygen is directed to the brain and stimulates your brain. The increased blood circulation and neural activity are extremely beneficial for an individual at risk or with Alzheimer’s.

  1. Golf helps you lose weight

Am sure this has puzzled you. How do you lose weight in such a non-intensive game?

The key to losing weight is consistency in your method and not the intensity of exercise. In a game of golf, you burn almost 1000 calories. Imagine what wonders golf does to your thighs and waistline when you engage in it every weekend. You will look just as good as Tiger Woods does.

  1. Golf increases your strength

Carry your golf bag around as you play and it acts like weights in the gym.

You increase your muscular strength rapidly when you do so, but be sure not to tire yourself out. Get a good bag that is balanced to avoid placing stress on your shoulders. The constant swinging and necessary posture in golf improve your form and your muscles as well.

  1. Gains your body the essential Vitamin D

One of the essential vitamins in your body is vitamin D, and golf gives you an opportunity to synthesize this vitamin instead of taking the occasional supplements. Supplements are good but the natural way is better. Play golf in the morning or late in the evening when the sun’s rays are not as harsh and your body can absorb the best.

Chad enjoys his weekends playing golf at PGA Village. This keeps him relaxed and stress-free, ready for the challenges that life has to offer.


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