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Tips and tricks to use health insurance wisely

Tips and tricks to use health insurance wisely

Tips and tricks to use health insurance wisely

Tips and tricks to use health insurance wisely

Tips and tricks to use health insurance wisely

Tips and tricks to use health insurance wisely

The Tips and tricks to use health insurance wisely

If you observe things closely in the last few years health insurance has undergone a major transformation. The rules that existed when you purchased a health insurance policy earlier may not be existing today. Health insurance premium deduction has also undergone a major change of sorts. You need to be aware of these changes to cash in on the benefits of a health insurance policy. After purchasing a health insurance plan and reviewing the document, there are numerous things that you may extract to cash in on the benefits of a health insurance policy.

The tricks and tips of a health insurance policy are as follows

Communicate to an insurer about the arrival of a new member

If you are planning to have a baby and have one after purchasing an insurance policy it is necessary that you bring this information to the insurer as soon as possible. Necessary additions can be made which could be very much part of your health insurance policy.

Opt for a high deductible

If you are healthy and do not expect a lot of visits to the doctor every month, it would be essential if you increase the deductible and increase your premium. The choice of a good deductible amount is not a worthy option as it would cost you a lot if something tragic happens. In the long run, it may save a lot of money.

Inform the health insurance company about any changes in your medical history

It would be better if you inform your health insurance provider about any pre-existing diseases or changes taking place in your medical history. This is going to prevent any form of complications that may arise at the time of a claim.

Opt for a generic one

When the question of medication emerges an option of skimming is foolish. If you switch over to pro generics you may end up saving 50 % on the dose, safety, and efficiency of the medicines which is being described.

Think over if you are planning to get your tests done

Do not feel regretful if you have taken a lot of medical tests as an insurance company would not declare you fit at a later date. It is necessary that you should not decline any form of medical test based on costs. When your doctor is asking you for X-rays or MRI scans you need to ask them the need for it and try to figure out whether is absolutely needed or not.

Take note of the renewal date and have sufficient funds in hand before the due date

When you are able to renew your health insurance before the time it entitles you to maximum coverage and provided added benefits. Mostly they are auto-debited from your bank account so that you need to have sufficient funds in place as it will enable you to pay your health insurance premium.

Negotiation is vital

A proven fact is that 80 % of the medical bills have some form of errors. It goes without saying that you need to cross-check each and every detail of your hospital bill. If you have any form of confusion about the medical bill you can put in a query to an insurance company as they would clear your doubts. Make sure that they answer all your queries before they settle the bill.

In addition to this most of the insurance companies roll out health and wellness programs, discounts are there for particular programs along with related perks that a smart buyer needs to be aware of.

Just like most things in life purchasing health insurance requires some form of planning. So as to make sure that your efforts do not go to waste you can keep the above tips and tricks in mind.

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Make it a point that your family is aware of the health insurance policy

Make it a point that you inform your family about the health insurance policy. If the dependents are not aware they would end up making a cashless claim. So as to utilize your health insurance policy you need to inform your family members and your wife about the policy. Care insurance has comprehensive health insurance policies that provide coverage to all family members. Make a copy of the document and keep it handy for reference. Even you may guide your family member on how to file a claim if some form of an emergency arises.

So all these are healthy practices that you need to follow when you are planning to purchase health insurance online. In fact, pay due attention to the policy coverage on a time to time basis and make additions or modifications as per your requirements.


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