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Herbal medicine disease relief

Herbal medicine disease relief

Herbal medicine disease relief

Herbal medicine disease relief

Herbal medicine disease relief

Herbal medicine disease relief

Available herbal medicine for disease relief

Available herbal medicine has been around for a long time. Some people get sick every day. Along with that, there are various accidents like being cut and burnt. Is it possible to go to the doctor for everything? There are many ailments, the treatment of which is 100% possible with home-made herbal remedies.

Think about it, in the old days the medical system was not so advanced. What did people treat themselves then? Yes, then the treatment was herbal or herbal. On the one hand, this herbal treatment is as safe, readily available, and has healing powers. Let’s take a look at some of the most widely available herbal remedies.

1) Toothache is too much? Chew well with a guava leaf. Chew out the juice. Chewing guava leaves relieves toothache.

2) To reduce shortness of breath, the leaves, and bark of the bask tree should be boiled together and mixed with honey and eaten at least once a day. Regular consumption will cure the pain.

3) Flatulence is not only a disease of children but also of adults. Soak mint leaves with stalks in water for 7/8 hours. Then it will be better to have a flat stomach after drinking that water.

4) Many people have the stench of intense sweat. Even if it is not the body, it must be the legs. Mix the juice of bell leaves with water and wipe the affected area for a few days. Will be cured.

5) Wounds often appear on both sides of the lips and inside the mouth. Mix a little water with gab fruit juice, wash your face for a few days and the wound will heal.

6) The problem of worms in the stomach is very painful. Of course for children. Tamarind leaf juice mixed with a little water eliminates the problem of worms. You can eat one spoonful of coconut every morning after breakfast to get rid of stomach worms. This will get rid of stomach worms.

7) If there is blood in the nose, coconut water should be taken daily. With this, even if you eat coconut on an empty stomach, the bleeding from the nose stops.

8) Children who do not sleep at night and cry or cry usually suffer from constipation. Their constipation will be cured by feeding them 20/25 drops of pen juice with a little hot milk (cow’s milk). However, it is better to feed considering the physical condition.

9) For those mothers who can’t feed their baby enough, Kalmi Shaak is very useful. Saute 1/2 teaspoon of juice in ghee with Kalmi Shaak Bet and take it twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon. It will not work if you eat fried pennywort.

kalmi shaak

10) Neem bark is the ideal medicine for indigestion or indigestion. Soak 4/5 grams of neem peel in a cup of hot water overnight and strain the water the next morning on an empty stomach to cure indigestion.

11) Neem is also number one in curing liver pain. Mix 1 gram of neem bark, 1/2 gram of raw turmeric, and 1 gram of slightly dried Amalaki powder on an empty stomach, and the pain will go away within a week.

12) Acne on the face? Apply a little clove paste on the wound. Will blend quickly, there will be no stains again.

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