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Here Are 10 Things Not To Do In Vegas

Here Are 10 Things Not To Do In Vegas

Here Are 10 Things Not To Do In Vegas

Things Not To Do In Vegas

Here Are 10 Things Not To Do In Vegas

Here Are 10 Things Not To Do In Vegas

So much about things to do and see in Vegas, but how about things not to do? You will be surprised that there are so many things not to do in Vegas. Owing to the christening of Vegas as Sin City, many people wrongly think that you can do anything you wish there. Many people do not believe that there are things that you should not do while in Sin City. Well, the following list will convince you otherwise.

There are many things that you should avoid doing, but these 10 things not to do in Vegas are a good place to start. When you are forewarned, you can take due to caution.

Don’t Dress Slutty

First, you should know that prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. Thus, you should make sure that you dress nicely and that you do not appear as if you are soliciting for commercial sex. The main reason why we have so many escort agencies and services in Sin City is that prostitution has been outlawed. However, escort services are legal.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Don’t Drink and Drive

This should actually top what not to do in Vegas list because just like in many other states, driving under the influence in Vegas is a traffic offense under the law, punishable by fines, jail time, or both. If you must drink, get a cab back to your hotel or stroll to the next club. After all, most clubs are only a stone’s throw away apart. Do not drink and drive in Vegas or anywhere else in the world.

Don’t Wear ill-Fitting Shoes

Of all things not to do in Vegas, going out in Vegas requires one to be comfortable and that is why you should keep off ill-fitting shoes. For instance, if you are not very comfortable in heels, you can carry some flat shoes or ballerina shoes in your handbag. It is understandable that you want to go to a party in a pair of six-inch heels but if your endurance levels are not very high, you risk looking like a newborn giraffe struggling to walk. Men avoid sharp-pointed shoes as well especially if they do not have extra room for their toes. Loafers and moccasins will do and you will look cool as you hop from one nightspot to another.

Don’t have Unprotected Sex

The carefree spirit of Vegas and the happy-go-lucky attitude could land you between a rock and a hard place. Not having protected sex is one of the 10 things not to do in Vegas. While no one should tell you how and whom you should sleep with, ensure that you always use protection because in these days of Venereal Diseases, playing Russian Roulette with your body could kill you. Besides, you do not want to catch unwanted pregnancies or sow wild oats that will haunt you for years to come. You can throw a few condoms in your handbag or pocket just in case a chance to romp is in the offing.

Don’t Trust Strangers

When you think of the things not to do in Las Vegas, entrusting your safety with strangers should be on your mind. Given that Vegas is a world-famous city, you are bound to bump into a number of psychos masquerading as normal people. This is just common sense that your parents taught you when you were younger, that you should not talk to, take gifts and even walk with strangers. Things haven’t changed much and when you are in a strange city, it is easy to feel lost. However, you can always talk to us and we will tell you what you need to know. If you are drinking with strangers, let the acquaintance end at the table, if possible.

Don’t Carry too Much Cash With You

While it is always advisable to carry some loose change with you, desist from carrying loads of cash in bulk. Common sense suggests that a thief who is not in the business of stealing could be tempted to steal when cash or valuables are displayed with abandon. On the same note, when you carry too much money, you could waste it all in the local casinos. Have a minimum amount, use cards, and so on. Carrying cash is definitely one of the things for what not to do in Las Vegas.

Don’t Pick Escorts on the Roadside or in the Streets

Many people find it hard to believe that prostitution is illegal in Nevada, which is home to Las Vegas. Therefore, avoid picking ladies of the night from the streets because this can have cops frog-marching you to the sheriff’s office for soliciting sex. If you must hire escorts, go to the agencies, casinos, or clubs. No one will come for you there. Speaking of which, it is always advisable to negotiate the charges beforehand, before you take the services of the escort.

Don’t Go to downtown Vegas unaccompanied by a guide

Just like in any other state or town, downtown Las Vegas can be a no-go zone, especially in after dark hours. If you must access such parts, have someone who knows Vegas guide you appropriately.

Don’t Shop on Impulse

Impulse shopping is one of the things for what not to do in Las Vegas. While this is a personal choice, it is always advisable to keep your impulsive shopping disorder under control. You will find malls, retail centers, marketers and sales agents in every corner of Sin City and it is up to you to resist the temptation. It is ok to buy a few things such as souvenirs but try as much as you can to stick to your budget. You do not want to go back home with empty pockets, do you? In order to ward off any spending temptations, always create a budget and stick to it. Well, you can always make an exception for one or two items, but do not go on a shopping rampage.

Don’t Be Late for Your Flight

Normally, people are advised not to show up too early in order to avoid long queues. Whatever you do in Vegas, do not run late for your flight. American airports are very punctual and a minute late could cost you your flight back home.

With that list of what not to do in Las Vegas, you must be scared stiff already. Well, that was not the mission, but it is always better to be safer than sorry.


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