hidden beaches in Portugal

Hidden Beaches in Portugal

Discover 5 hidden beaches in Portugal

Portugal has been one of the world’s top holiday destinations filled with fun whether it is a city break or a golfing holiday in the Algarve. The coastline of Portuguese is a dream place for holidaymakers. Often hailed as one of the best golf destinations in the world, world-class courses sit, plenty of health spas, and high-end resorts is meant to design the maximum of Portugal. But the main attraction is these 5 hidden beaches in Portugal which is unspoilt and is away from the tourist crowd.

Praia Do Carvalho

Praia Do Carvalho - Hidden Beaches in Portugal

Situated in Benagil, the Algarve coast is a tourist favourite and thereby remains crowded in the peak season but Prario Do Carvalho is an amazing sandy cove that is not so busy. Sandstone cliffs have been used to border the beach it can accede through a tunnel. It is better to go there when there is low tide to take full advantage of the sight and explore the caverns. At high tide, the waves of the sea flow into the cave you can see shoots coming out through the blow holes along the cliff path. Benagil is famous just because of the magical view of the sea caverns.

Berlengas Archipelago

Berlengas Archipelago

Berlenga is towards the north of Lisbon which is also known as the silver coast of Portugal. It is just off the coast of Peniche. If you are planning to visit the region in peak season which is from mid-May to September, you should book the ferry service online. The ferry journey starts from Peniche Marina to Berlenga. You may also book tickets from the cabins of the Marina in advance. While riding the boat you will be fascinated by the huge standing rocks and the turquoise colour of the water. Paddle boating or kayaking is the only option you can reach the caves. Covo do Sonho is the best among all the several caves with aquamarines water.

The secret beach of Praia do Barranco

Praia do Barranco - Hidden Beaches in Portugal

It is one of the best out of 5 hidden beaches in Portugal which is kept a secret of the Alentjo coast. This is nly place where you can find the soft white sands and the dolphins. This is a wonderful hidden beach where to you can get good food staff and drinks, better than any other place. Activities that you can enjoy here is swimming in deep crystal clear water, snorkelling and walking along the shore. The best time to go there is afternoon as there is no shade to keep you safe from the strong sunlight. It is an ideal place for them want to spend a peaceful evening with his or their dear ones.

Samoqueira Beach

Samoqueira Beach

Just near the town of Porto Covo is located on this hidden beach of Samoqueira. The beach possesses enchanting caves which is suitable to explore at low tides. The area is less visited and it feels really nice to wander around a virgin beach. Bakeries are the most favoured foodstuff of this locality with super tasty pastry bows.  The beach offers wonderful scenic views with rocks and sands stretching proportionally all over. Natural vegetation is another aspect to give an eye-soothing effect like never before.

Praia de Baleeira

Praia de Baleeira - Hidden Beaches in Portugal

It is a small beach in the town of Vila do Bispo. Located near the harbour of Sagres the sea water is not as clear like other beaches because of the boat traffic. However, the place is peaceful and you can enjoy delicious cuisine at the nearby restaurants. Here you can stay in the village of Sagra if you like. Rocks are commonly found in all beaches but here it is much is amount. Hidden among the wild cliff tops, this secret bay is an undiscovered gem and perfect for those who like deep waters.

Blessed with amazing natural beauty and sunshine all year round, Portugal offers mirror-like seas and a basket of activities to satisfy even the world’s most discerning tourists. The coastline of Portugal boasts almost 200 blue flag beaches, many hidden from the tourists’ sight. Decorated by colourful boats in the picturesque villages, doubles the enjoyment by providing a magnificent weekend treat to the royal Lisbon families.

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