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High blood pressure

High blood pressure

High blood pressure

High blood pressure

High blood pressure

What is high blood pressure and how to survive

Blood pressure in the house is a matter of sleep. When the pressure increased and dizziness or neck pain started, the pressure was brought under control by measuring the pressure at the local drug store or taking medicine for a few days after seeing a local doctor. Then who is that again? When the pressure is under control, what is the need to take medicine? Therefore, the pressure medication is off! The idea of ​​blood pressure is very similar in many homes! What to do then? And what not to do?

Cardiologists Bhabatosh Biswas and Shuvro Bandyopadhyay, dietician Arpita Dev Ghosh and psychologist Anindita Roychowdhury are coming up with an overall idea.

There is no pair of blood pressure to bring about all the deadly diseases. According to statistics, the number of patients suffering from high blood pressure in India was 140 million in 2006. There, in 2030, the number of patients with blood pressure will reach 215 million!

What is blood pressure?

What is blood pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood vessels on the walls of the blood vessels. Under normal conditions, it measures 120/60. Blood pressure tends to rise with age. Then a little more pressure than this measurement is also considered normal. But it is difficult if the upper pressure is more than 140 or the lower pressure is more than 90.

Blood pressure can rise in two ways. Acute and chronic. Sudden onset of high blood pressure due to stress or other causes can lead to disaster. This is acute blood pressure. This can lead to sudden heart failure. Strokes can also occur.

In the case of chronic high blood pressure, the pressure measurement may not be too high all of a sudden. But maintaining high blood pressure for long periods of time can cause damage to the heart muscle. Because it puts more pressure on the heart to pump more blood. Apart from that, if you suffer from blood pressure for a long time, the blood vessels become hard. Their elasticity decreases. The inner wall of the blood vessel becomes thick. The resulting block is created. All in all, heart failure or heart attack.

Blood clots can form in the arteries due to blockage or high blood pressure. Reaching the head of that lump or clot can cause a stroke. Stroke can also occur if an artery ruptures because it cannot tolerate high blood pressure.

Therefore, the charge of maintaining blood pressure can be fatal!

Symptoms of high blood pressure

There are no such symptoms. So many people do not notice that the blood pressure has increased. For this, it is necessary to measure blood pressure from time to time after 35 years. If you suffer from blood pressure for a long time, you should check your blood pressure once a week. You can keep a pressure gauge at home.

Why the pressure increases

1) With age. Blood pressure is proportional to age. According to the World Health Organization, one out of every three people over the age of 18 suffers from high blood pressure. Between the ages of 20 and 30, 1 in 10 people develop high pressure. And at the age of fifty, 5 out of 10 people suffer from high blood pressure. At age 60 or older, one in two people will have high pressure.

2) Eating too much salt in food can increase pressure.

3) Pressure increases with weight gain.

4) Weight gain if you sit without physical exertion. Immediately increases blood pressure.

5) Increased stress or arousal increases the secretion of the hormone noradrenaline from the adrenaline glands, which raises blood pressure.

Food and blood pressure

fruits and vegetables
Healthy food selection. Shopping bag full of fresh vegetables and fruits. Flat lay food on table

If you suffer from blood pressure problems, you must first control your weight. Weight gain will make the heart pump more. As a result, blood pressure will increase. So Body Weight should be controlled according to height. So food is very important in this case.

Thus, for high pressure, you need a dash diet. There will be a variety of fruits and lots of vegetables in the daily diet. This is because they all contain potassium and lots of antioxidants and fiber, which help control blood pressure. If you suffer from blood pressure problems, you should eat less animal protein.

If the blood pressure is high, salt should be kept in mind. Sodium in salt raises blood pressure. You should not eat more than 2-3 (half a teaspoon) of salt per day. Processed food, junk food, tin food, packet food, ready to eat food, pickles, chips, etc. should be excluded. Because they contain salt as a preservative.

Drink plenty of water. Because water is diuretic. Water maintains the pH balance of the body. Water is unnecessary from the body

Stress and blood pressure

Stress and blood pressure - High blood pressure
Distressed young manager man holds her head with hand. Modern office man at working place, depression and crisis concept

Increased stress increases blood pressure. The opposite is also true. Increased blood pressure increases stress. Increased stress puts pressure on the nerves. The result is increased pressure. So stress management is very important to control blood pressure. To deal with her stress without simply indulging in stress.

How to deal with stress

If you want, you can get yourself out of the grip of stress. The person who is suffering from stress is under pressure, but his intelligence is not lost at all. So with a little awareness, stress can be reduced. It has a few steps.

The first step is to find out if you are really suffering from stress. Stress can cause some physical or emotional changes or problems. Such as:

  1. Sleep is completely gone. Many people sleep a lot more. I feel drowsy all day long.
  2. The desire to starve leaves or gets more hungry.
  3. Body-mind fatigue. Laziness occurs.
  4. May cause headaches.
  5. These are all physical changes.
  6. There are emotional or emotional changes
  7. Nothing looks good.
  8. Frequent mood swings.
  9. Mood swings.
  10. Fear creates fear.
  11. Irritable mood.
  12. Become impatient.
  13. There are some useful changes. E.g.,
  14. Cigarette smoking increases.
  15. Those who did not smoke also started eating.
  16. Alcohol becomes more consumed.
  17. Addiction to a particular drug increases.

If you see some of these problems, you must understand that you are suffering from stress.


Some people are just too worried. Some may be afraid of this. If so, they’re in for a rude awakening. In that case, you may need to take counseling and medication as needed.

And some are instant stress. The pressure is mounting by thinking too much about something. In this case, if you try yourself, you can keep the stress away.


A healthy lifestyle is needed to get rid of stress. If you get used to it, you can get rid of stress a lot.

1) Exercise regularly. It is better to go to the trainer and learn exercises without doing anything wrong. Exercise releases some happy hormones. From which comes a Phil Good effect. Laziness, fatigue is eliminated. The body feels clean.

2) Eating is a very important thing in a healthy lifestyle. Must eat healthy food. Junk food, packet food will not work at all. This leads to weight gain. Weight gain also increases blood pressure. Instead, eat plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables. The vitamins and minerals in it stimulate the nerves. As a result, the mind is refreshed. Drink plenty of water. Water flushes out toxins from the body.

3) Six-seven hours of sleep throughout the day is very important. If sleep is disturbed, it must be brought under control. If necessary, sleep should be brought under control by taking stress reducing drugs as advised by the doctor. That means the biological clock has to be fixed. Not just medicines, there are some recipes or tips for uninterrupted sleep. Obeying them leads to better sleep.

Sleeping recipes

The key to sleep recipes is to prepare the body and mind for sleep. These are:

1) Three hours before bedtime to reduce water intake. It will not need to go to the bathroom again and again during sleep.

2) Do not watch TV before going to sleep. Rather you can read a magazine or a light storybook.

3) It is better to take off the bed sheet all day long and thin a separate bed sheet for sleeping.

4) Turn on the light without turning on the bright light before going to sleep

5) Do not go to any provocative conversation just before bed.

6) If you do not sleep in a bed, get up, and read a book.

4) No matter how much stress, no matter how good the mind, joy

Above all to control the pressure

Regular blood pressure medication should be taken. Be sure to take blood pressure medication in any way. Even if the pressure is under control, you have to take medicine to maintain it. Otherwise, the pressure will increase again.

Whether it is a problem or not, blood pressure should be checked every few months. The doctor will change the medicine if necessary.

Do not eat salt on the leaves. Absolutely not salty food.

Cut down on foods high in saturated fat. Reduce alcohol consumption gradually. Don’t smoke.

Do not spend the day lying down. Work hard. This will control body weight. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

Reduce tension. Pranayama and meditation if necessary.

Do not take the same medicine for a long time after seeing a doctor.

Sleep is very important to keep the pressure under control. So if you do not sleep day after day, you must consult a doctor.

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