Honeymoon with health benefits

Honeymoon with health benefits?

Well, heard sounds of a march by Mendelssohn, the unnamed right-hand fingers glitter cherished ring. Otgulyali revelry conducted reviews, and he only needed rest. Yes, of course, wanted to retire and devote time to his other half, as the wedding guests for more than for love.

Preparing for a wedding, as the actual event itself takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, when searching for places for a honeymoon to give their preference to be the resort, where there is the recreational and relaxing procedure. I mean, days, and SPA-resort.

The saying “With a nice haven in a cottage, in this case, did not prove, because the honeymoon should be HONEY, a romantic evening in the restaurant, the atmosphere of a resort holiday and vacation – relaxed and in style!

On how you will prevail in the relations it this month, perhaps, will depend on the whole life together, beginning a period of emotional and deep accumulations of knowledge, which will be built and the entire future family life.
Venue honeymoon should be special and unique, and most importantly, it must be in harmony with the inner world and the mood of the young couple. The sandy beach or a big city, mountain or forest lake –

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the choice should be a reflection of your feelings and desires.

In “Buymerovka Pine & SPA-Resort 1936” has all the conditions of rest for the newlyweds. Friendly staff, cozy atmosphere, and holiday surprises for honeymooners – flowers, fruit, and champagne in the room. Especially for the young couple has a rest in wooden houses – bungalows, where you will find a huge double bed of twigs, wardrobe, lamps, safe, scales. The floor is carpeted. There is also a coffee table, chairs, telephone, TV (satellite TV). Mini-bar may be used as a refrigerator, where you will find spirits and soft drinks, water, beer, and snacks.

Will be an unforgettable conversation over a cup of tea on the terrace with a wicker table and rocking chairs. For your comfort in the bathroom has all the toiletries: Towels (large bath, conventional, hand), even toothpaste and toothbrush, and his enchanting aroma and moisturizing body lotion.

Restore vitality and healthier you will be able in our SPA-center.


Welcome to the world of tranquility and bliss, emotional balance, and physical health. In our new SPA, you will forget all the problems that disturb you, relax, body and soul, and will leave you with renewed energy and vitality.

Feel the special atmosphere of SPA sacraments: dim lights, candles, incense and spices, soft soothing music, muted voices, the sound of water: all here evokes a feeling of total tranquility and happiness. Our experts on Ayurveda developed the romantic program “Energy of Love“, calculated on the healing and rejuvenation of the face and body, which will allow you to forget about the wedding hustle and dive into the world of beauty, health and comfort.

After the passage of Ayurvedic procedures wonderful feelings and a positive attitude for a romantic evening are guaranteed.

On the territory of the SPA-resort features a restaurant “Buimerovka. Chef Dev Singh Panwar from India. Since Ayurveda offers a rational and scientific approach to determine the correct diet, which is based on the individual constitution of man, then Davsing prepares specifically for your unique and tasty dishes. Spoil yourself, go at night to a luxury restaurant in the style of Ukrainian hinterland, which will immerse you in an atmosphere of fairy-tale romance. Pleasant music, soft tone interior, a candle flame in combination with refined dishes and European standards of services will not forgotten memories.

For couples who prefer the active kind of rest, the “Buimerovka” has its own unique offering. Maximum boost of energy you get from participating in sports games and competitions. To show a strategist and tactician fighting everyone can load his rifle to fire the paintball.

For lovers of medieval weapons have a chance to feel in the tournament in archery, as well as feel a knight sitting on a thoroughbred horse.

Those who prefer modern forms of recreational sports will approach a mini-golf and tennis.

Vorskla River will delight not only for its natural beauty aesthetes, but also hard-core fishermen, for whom there’s hope, and fishing tackle, and bait, and most importantly – if you do not catch something wonderful mood is guaranteed!

Honeymoon in “Buymerovka Pine & SPA-Resort 1936” – this romantic holiday for honeymooners. Do not believe me? Come and see for yourself.

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