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Hostel vs Hotel Debate

Hostel vs Hotel Debate

Hostel vs Hotel Debate

Hostel vs Hotel Debate

Hostel vs Hotel Debate

Hostel vs Hotel Debate

Hostel vs. Hotel Debate

Hostel vs Hotel Debate : For those short weekends trips or the longed solo traveling, the place to stay becomes a very important factor for both the trip and the budget. Sometimes we get confused between choosing a hostel or a hotel. First of all, we should know the difference between a hostel and a hotel.

Hotel, as we all know, is a room particularly for you which has a big, cozy bed, an attached bathroom and sometimes a big TV.

Hostel, on the other hand, a large room shared with more than one people and have bunk beds. In a hostel, there is generally one communal bathroom. Unlike Hotel, hostels are pretty cheap.

So if you still cannot figure out what to choose between hostel and hotel, here are some clarifications.

To differentiate between choosing a hostel and hotel to stay we have to do with these four factors. They are:

The cost of stay

The prime factor on which our every trip depends is the budget. The most has been seen in lodging. Compared to a hotel, the cost of staying in a hostel is very cheaper. So, the purpose of staying gets important. If you are on a business trip, it will be best to stay in a hotel. But if you are on that solo travel, choosing a hostel will be perfect because not only the budget will be cheaper but also you will get to know and spend time with many new personalities.

The service

When it comes to service, the hotel seems to beat the hostel in every aspect. The difference in cost being a factor, the amenities provided by the hotel is better than the hostel. In a hostel, room service does not exist. Also, in a hostel, you can visit the kitchen or get full access. In a hotel, you will be on your own inside a personalized room but in a hostel, you can socialize at your will.

The staff

The behavior of the staff depends on the place you stay. Differentiating between a hotel staff and a hostel staff is difficult for they completely depend on the lodging one selects. but we can differentiate by reading their mindsets

Hotels are corporate structures. The employees try to maintain a certain level of professionalism while interacting with its customers. They have their own part to play and are to serve visitors with a smile.

On the other hand, hostel owners or the staffs are fellow travellers or just an ordinary fellow who has stayed back to maintain his friends hostel. they are very friendly and can easily be socialized with.

The interactions with guests

In a hotel, everyone has their own room. So the interactions with other guests are not easy and frequent. We only meet them at the elevator or the restaurant in the hotel.

The hostel provides a different atmosphere. Many people stay in the same room. The interactions with the guests are pretty obvious. You can talk, make new friends and never get bored when staying in a hostel.

So, these are pretty much the differences between a Hostel and a hotel. Choose wisely on your next trip.

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