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House Boat Night Stay in Chapora River

House Boat Night Stay in Chapora River

House Boat Night Stay in Chapora River

House Boat Night Stay in Chapora River

Chapora River Goa

House Boat Night Stay in Chapora River

House Boat Night Stay in Chapora River, Goa

Originating at Ramghat, the Chapora River is in the northern part of Goa that flows towards west into the ever blue Arabian Sea. It acts an s border between Bardez and Pernem which are the talukas of North Goa. To the north of the river is the Morjim village and to its south is Vagator Beach. In the ancient years of 18th century, the river was said to mark the boundary India and Portuguese Goa. Goa is made up of five main rivers. Zuari, Terekhol, Mandovi, Sal and the Chapora River are the five such rivers. The beach of Chapora composed of stones and sands.

Chapora Fort

The Chapora Fort is an important tourist destination and also a beautiful location in North Goa. The popular Vagator Beach lies very near to the fort. The fort walls are carved out of red lateritic stones that look awesome. You can have a view of the river- sea confluence from the fort, the Chapora River merging with the Arabian Sea. Although there are no reasons for entertainment for small children, you can enjoy the sunset and the sea view and nothing else.

House Boat Cruise

The river is mainly known for straying in house boat cruise. The itinerary can be arranged as follows:

  • You can come from any location like Panaji, Baga, Calungute or Candolim and reach Siolam by evening in a hired private car.
  • You can board the Siolim ferry to reach the sunset point. From here begins your adventure in houseboat. You can enjoy swimming in the Morjim Beach.
  • In the evening you can go to the sunset point to enjoy the panoramic view of the sky and water. Bird watching and fishing are other two activities that can be done at the day time. The cruise is especially for them who love to spend time with nature. If you are lucky you can spot dolphins around.
  • At night enjoy delicious dinner of both Indian and Goan cuisine. While dinning, you can listen to the sound of the waves splashing against the boat. The boat stands at the centre of the backwater for the whole night. You can make liquors a part of your enjoyment in the bar.
  • At mid night you can reach the upper deck and have a beautiful sight of the night sky. To view a clear night full of star you can go at a winter night starting from November to March.

Meals are awesome provided by the cruises. Birds chirping sound could be your alarm to get up in the morning. You can enjoy the dawn while having a cup of tea or coffee. Breakfasts are fabulous with bread, butter, egg items. In the morning, the houseboat starts sailing along the beach where you can spot the morning life of the nearby villages. The farmers are seen harvesting their fields and fishermen are catching fish in their nets. The boat would stop there for sometime in case you want to try some fishing with them. By noon, you will get lunch that includes both vegan and non veg. At late noon you would be dropped back to your stating point.

On the house boat you can a grand dinner cuisine. Cruising on the backwaters of the river is an awesome experience where you can get the opportunity to watch the other side of the state. The house boat is like a paradise to the nature lovers and is a perfect spot to enjoy lush greeneries all around with cool river breeze that would make you feel like flying. There are many houseboats around that offers overnight stay options with wonderful facilities. You can search online for house boat cruising in Chapora River and there is plenty of it. So do not miss the chance to cruise in the river of Goa whenever you are here next time.

So after knowing all the cruise schedules adventurous tourists like you would definitely want to try this interesting cruise adventure. So what you are thinking for. Go and experience this indifferent lifestyle for one day and know about how people spend their livelihood there. The adventure experience is really worth the price and is a lifetime opportunity

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