How To Plan A Trip To India

Travel to India may sound daunting at first until you find out just how simple it can be with the helpful links provided. Find cheap tickets to India, what time of the year might be the best to visit, or even tips on how to use credit cards during your travels. Maybe you don’t have the right luggage. I’ve included a resource to help you chose baggage that works well. With my suggestions, get your hands on the right India guide books, learn more about vaccinations, which ones are recommended, and whether they are right for you. So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to India now!

Airline Tickets:

Ideal Airlines To Credit Air Miles

Research, price, and book the best fares to India with some helpful advice. Cheap tickets can be found as well as bargain bin mileage award tickets but the competition for those seats is fierce. Come with a focused itinerary, a few hours of uninterrupted time, a phone, pen and paper, and a map. Oh, and a bottle of wine could also help.


Most of today’s recurring monthly bills can be paid automatically via credit/debit cards or EFT payments from a valid checking account. Sign up at least one month in advance of travel to ensure programs are working properly. If you’re not comfortable with this option, contact individual companies, explaining your travel plans. Most, if not all, will adjust your bill due date with no penalty.

Credit Cards:

Credit Cards
Credit Cards

Plastic is a convenient way to pay for just about everything in the urban areas of India. Once outside of the cities, you’ll need the ability to access ATM‘s to live by cash. Many credit cards offer travel insurance and/or accidental death insurance if plane tickets are purchased using their card. Annual fees are hard to escape when tied to reward programs.


Tracker Luggage Lock - How To Plan A Trip To India
Tracker Luggage Lock

Quality is the most important factor. Luggage can be a lifetime investment; a good bag doesn’t become obsolete in five years. The terrain of India varies greatly so you want a bag that can withstand some wear and tear.

Pick an Itinerary:

Many first time travelers try to do too much. Plan rest breaks, meal times, and free time for exploring individual sights and areas of interest. Multi-night stays offer perfect laundry opportunities. Feeling blue? Avoid long distances between your next stop in case you, or someone traveling in your group, pick up a bug. If you need to miss a day of travel, you’re not so far behind that you can’t skip ahead to get back on track.

Travel Agencies:

A quick internet search will only inundate you with thousands of leads, many of which are the same operator running hundreds of sights for one company.

Travel Budget:

Writing Travel Budget

Turn the process of budgeting while on vacation into a game. Start by setting a daily, weekly, or complete trip limit. Next, try underspending your daily maximum. Shift the remaining amount to the next day and repeat. Continue shifting any remaining amounts as long as possible. On any days you overspend, simply record the overage and restart the next day. Who knows, you may underspend enough to return to India.

Travel Guides:

Keep one of the most popular titles at your fingertips at all times. Tear out, and staple only the pages which cover the areas you plan to visit. Instead of lugging the entire book on your travels, you have exactly what you need which can easily be placed in a day bag.

Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance in India - How To Plan A Trip To India

Check with your credit card company and/or bank before purchasing a third party policy. Many card companies automatically cover you when flight tickets are purchased using their card. If not, there are many affordable options.


Visit the CDC online for the most up-to-date information on health issues and disease outbreaks for the South Asian region. Both a Recommended & Required list of shots are included along with information on malaria. Local Health Departments generally offer reasonable rates for many of the recommended vaccinations for India. Also, world-class healthcare facilities are easily found in the major cities of India. A quick internet search in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore will yield possible sites to obtain your vaccinations at a steep discount. Always consult your health care provider for information on any necessary vaccinations and course of treatments.

When is the best time to visit?:

Scores of vacationers flock to India during the winter season which locals accurately dub, the “tourist season”. Easily the best time to visit India, the excessive summer heat begins to ease into cooler temps. At the same time, usually wet areas of Northeast India dry out allowing uncomplicated travel once again. Meanwhile, the South experiences its own cooling weather patterns and rain on the beaches.

Wills/Estate Planning:

Regardless of age, those traveling abroad would be smart to protect their assets with a will. A personal favorite for low cost, but thorough legal services is Look to them for Last Wills, Living Wills, and Living Trusts.

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