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How to Play on Lottosmile Legally from India

How to Play on Lottosmile Legally from India

How to Play on Lottosmile Legally from India

How to Play on Lottosmile Legally from India

How to Play on Lottosmile Legally from India

How to Play on Lottosmile Legally from India

How to Play on Lottosmile Legally from India

What are international lotteries?

International lotteries are online lottery games wherein tickets are available on different secure websites. Players from across the globe can purchase and play a fair and legal games of lottery. The players can choose numbers and draws or simply go for big jackpot wins. Prizes are paid solely in cash or credited to the player’s account, commission-free! Different international lotteries include US Powerball, MegaMillions, EuroMillions, etc.There are several international lotteries in different countries that are legal and safe. Prize amounts go as high as 8-digit figures.

Can I play internationally legally from India?

Not all lotteries are legal in India. Legal lotteries allow you to win hundreds and thousands of crores without breaking laws. The following sites are legalized to play the international lottery from India:

  1. LottoSmile
  2. LottoThrill
  3. MultiLotto
  4. LottoLand
  5. Lotto247
  6. LottoAgent

There are plenty more, but these are the top.

They are

  • Ranked number ONE lottery sites.
  • Ensure quick withdrawals.
  • Have real money games.
  • Give top promotions.
  • India’s exclusive lottery sites

Worldwide online lotto sites do not allow you to break laws. Since they are not governed by Indian laws, it is not illegal to play on these. They are controlled by lottery rules stated in their country.

What are international lotteries

No outdated laws apply to international lotteries making playing easy without legal situations arising.

How can Indians purchase lotto tickets online?

Indians can play online from above mentioned trustworthy websites for a small fee.

In states where a lottery is legalized, you are free to buy tickets by following easy steps.

Suppose you live in a state that has banned lottery playing, you can still buy tickets from international lotto sites.

You will not be penalized for playing if you choose an international website.

Is it safe to play online?

It is very safe to play and enter draws and lotteries on LottoSmile. With their secure services, you can play internationally online from India.

LottoSmileis the right place to play and win as it is:

  • Reliable
  • Protected
  • Player-friendly

LottoSmile overview

This company is legit in providing lottery services in the last 2 decades. It is operated by Lotter Limited (Cyprus based).

  • LottoSmile was established in 2002.
  • Till date, it is the longest running lotto site.
  • Best site for Indians to play.
  • Has more than 45 lotteries from all over.
  • Ensures multiple deposit and quick withdrawals.
  • Extremely easy to sign up for an account.
  • Personal information is secured.
  • Detailed description provided on how to play.
  • Instant clicks and a simple layout give easy access.
  • Discount on the first ticket only. It is like a welcome bonus.
  • Plenty of offers and deals to earn complimentary points.
  • Credit cards and E-wallets along with other payment methods can be used.
  • Need to be 18+ to make an account.
  • LottoSmilewill not take a cent of your prize money if you win. However, subject to taxes in your home country.
  • Notifications sent via email or SMS.
  • The winner from India gets the reward entirely, commission-free.
  • Amazing customer service available within seconds.
  • Can also choose syndicates as you visit LottoSmile to buy tickets.

We highly recommend using LottoSmile to play since it uses a secure interface thus offering simple registration.


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