Howrah Bridge Kolkata

Howrah Bridge Kolkata

Howrah Bridge Kolkata- the pride of West Bengal

The bridge connecting the twin cities of west Bengal, Howrah, and Kolkata is named as Howrah Bridge. The dimension of bridge being 705m in length and 30 m in breadth was built over the river Hooghly in the year 1943. The other name of the bridge is Rabindra setu which was named after the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore. The bridge is said to carry traffic of eighty thousand on a daily basis. It is one of the longest cantilever-over bridges in the whole world, a cantilever in the sense that it is a balanced suspended bridge with a span of 564 ft high. The construction of the Howrah Bridge Kolkata was supervised by the commissions of Howrah and the operator is Kolkata Port Trust which maintains it all over. It is comprised of a control tower, substation, and 700 lights.  Blue and white LEDs were included afterward.

Features of Howrah Bridge Kolkata

The bridge looks majestic especially at night when it is lightened with colorful lights. A number of eight lanes pass through it including pedestrians, strand roads, and bicycles. The bridge is held by rivets and not a single bolt or nut is used to construct it. Construction materials were supplied by the Tata Steel Company. The construction process took seven years to get completed. It is the busiest cantilever bridge around the globe. Previously it was the third-largest cantilever bridge but now it is the sixth-largest one.


The bridge is the gateway to Kolkata and is very near to the Howrah railway station. If you want to come from Howrah to Kolkata then you need to cross the river Hooghly. The bridge is the connection between the two. It is the lifeline of the town. Buses, autos, cabs etc passes through the bridge. Many people also walk across the bridge. The best way to view the bridge is from the shore of the river.

Nearby tourist attractions

Victoria memorial, Birla planetarium, Belur math of Swami Vivekananda, Dakhineshwar temple, botanical gardens, Mallickghat flower market, and Fort William are some of the attractions near to the Howrah Bridge. Kolkata blooms its beauty during its major festival Durga Puja and the immersion of lords can be seen in the main immersion point and ferry ghat known as babughat. The nearest river bank from where you can enjoy the beauty of the bridge is Princep ghat. it is the nearest station as well as a park from where you can view the bridge very closely. This park is beautifully decorated along the shore of the river. The boat ride can also be done which serves as a means to take pleasure of the panoramic view of the well-known Howrah Bridge.

Movies related to Howrah Bridge

The beauty of the bridge is a cultural significance of Kolkata which made many directors to showcase it in many movies. It was featured in Bollywood cinemas Piku, Love aaj Kal, Parineeta, China Town, and Barfii, and also in Tollywood movies like Amar Prem and Neel Akasher Niche. A famous movie was also made in the name of Howrah bridge by Shakti Samanta where the popular song “mera naam Chin Chin Chu “the shooting of which was done at this bridge.

Where to eat

West Bengal is quite known for its Bengali delicious dishes which you would never get in any other state. Varieties of food are available in various restaurants, dhabas, and cafes. A wide of fish recipes are available in the renowned food hubs. One of the most deserved and demanding fish is the Hilsa that tastes great and we could get it here in reasonable rates basically in the monsoon. Various festivals such as “ilish utsab” are celebrated during this season in various luxurious hotels. Some of the hotels near Howrah Bridge Kolkata are Sri Ram Bhojonalaya, KFC, Sitaram’s (pure vegan restaurant), Diamond hotel and restaurant and Pizza hut.

Accommodation in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the famous metropolitan cities and staying there is not at all a problem. Choices are many starting from luxurious hotels to budget guest houses. To name a few, some of the five-star hotels are Hindustan international, Oberoi Grand, Taj Bengal, and hotel Banquet in Esplanade.


The Howrah Bridge in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India, is a cantilever bridge that spans the Hooghly River. It was commissioned in 1943 and was opened to the public on February 3, 1943. It was named after the city of Howrah, located on the west bank of the river. The bridge was designed by the British engineer Sir Bradford Leslie and was built by the British firm Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company. The construction of the bridge was a major engineering feat and was considered a symbol of British colonial rule in India. Today, it is one of the most iconic landmarks of Kolkata and an important symbol of the city’s cultural and historical heritage.

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