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Hundru waterfall

Hundru waterfall

Biggest tourist attraction in Jharkhand – The Hundru waterfall

Hundru waterfall : Jharkhand, famously known as “The Land of Forests”, is a heaven for nature lovers. The incomparable beauty of the state with the elevated hills, the scenic water cascades, the rich greenery and vibrant culture makes ones visit to the land unforgettable. Thanks to the existing dominant tribal population, the land safeguards nature at its best. It is the perfect place to land if one is looking for a meeting place with nature. Here are the top places to visit in Jharkhand-The capital of Jharkhand being Ranchi is rightly called the “City of Waterfalls”. Blessed with the unparalleled beauty of nature, Ranchi enchants your soul with authority. It is due to the abundance in mineral resources that it is also called as the ‘Manchester of the East’.

Hundru – The waterfall

The Hundru fall is at a distance of 45 km from Ranchi Town. The vibrant Swarnarekha River falls from an elevation of 98 meters (320 feet) making a magnificent scene known as Hundru falls. It is one of the highest waterfalls of the state. At the foot of the fall, a beautiful pool is formed which attracts visitors to take a bath and swim in its crystal clear water. But they are warned of the tremendous water current being formed. During the rainy season it takes an alarming form but in summer it turns in to an exhilarating picnic spot. The manifold shape of the rock adds grandeur to the place, which has been created from the friction by the frequent fall of water. The charm of Hundru fall spellbound the tourists and fills their hearts with joy. The Waterfall being situated at one of the edges of the Ranchi plateau is one among the many scarp falls in the region. The water cascade is an example of knick point caused due to rejuvenation. The break-in channel gradient allows water to fall steeply and gives rise to a waterfall.


The waterfall is one of the most admiringand popular tourist destinations of the city. The Hundru Fall in Ranchi has evolved on the progression of the Swarnarekha River. The water falls steeply from a height of 320 feet. The surroundings are covered by lush green vegetation. The scenic brilliance of this Hundru fall simply enchants the awareness of the tourists. Hundru Waterfall is a source of pleasure for the nature lovers and photographers.

At the foundation of the Hundru Waterfall, there is a cold water pool. This cold water pool acts as a bathing place and a picnic destination for the locals, the domestic and the foreign tourists. The stunning beauty of water falling from such a height has been eye appealing to people. The variant formations of rock due to the continuous erosion by the falling of water have added to the keenness of the place.One can also visit the Suvarna Rekha Hydal Project situated down the falls From the Hundru Falls, the tourists can also enjoy the exquisite view of the Chota Nagpur Plateau. A vacation to this place offers the visitors with an unforgettable and surprising experience.


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