Ideal Airlines To Credit Air Miles

Ideal Airlines To Credit Air Miles

Ideal Airlines: In today’s times, airlines offer a lot of facilities to flyers, from comfortable seating to a wonderful flying ambiance. However, this is of a little benefit if doesn’t suit the interests of the frequent flyers. Since the real value of flying can only be seen through the frequent flyer programs, airlines have done a mighty fine job in trying to devise loyalty programs that would attract more passengers towards it.

Choosing the appropriate frequent flyer program is extremely important and one must spend a good amount of time in selecting the ideal one for them. If you’re confused about where to credit air mileshere are some of the best airlines you should consider.

  1. American Airlines

American Airlines - Ideal Airlines
American Airlines

For approaching destinations around the world, American Airlines is a great choice for airline carriers. It is especially great for flyers from New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and surroundings. The American Airlines Advantage program is great when it comes to crediting miles. It gets even better because American Airlines is also a member airline of the OneWorld alliance. When flying with the airline, you can earn and redeem miles through the other 1000 partner companies. This is not only restricted to air travel but also extends to hotels. The Elite members of the American Airlines Advantage program enjoy even more benefits. This makes it a fine choice for crediting air miles.

  1. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines

Operating its network to countries globally, Delta Airlines is a great choice when it comes to traveling. For passengers based in southern and central U.S., it becomes even more beneficial.

Delta SkyMiles program is a great way of earning and redemption of miles because of the wide options available. This means you can earn miles through Delta, Delta Connection, or Delta Shuttle. Delta’s partner airlines are many and this gives the frequent flyers extra choice when it comes to earning and crediting air miles. The 20 participating airlines associated with Delta Airlines also include KLM and Virgin Atlantic.

The program has an added advantage that the miles do not expire. Elite members are better off with Delta SkyMiles because of unlimited complimentary upgrades. Points can be earned through air travel, credit cards, and hotels. These points can become extremely beneficial when booking flights and upgrading to the premium cabins.

  1. JetBlue

JetBlue - Ideal Airlines

When it comes to passengers flying from East Coast and Florida cities, JetBlue is an ideal choice. The chances of securing an economical airfare are always high with JetBlue. TrueBlue, the frequent flyer program of the airline is a friendly frequent flyer program. Miles can be earned on multiple airlines with no blackout dates. This is a huge benefit for frequent flyers. Not only the points are expiry free, but they can also be used in booking any seat at any time of the year. TrueBlue also allows you to earn and share the points you earn with Family Pooling.

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